BLOG TOUR with Dr. Laura!

To celebrate the publication of her book, Dr. Laura went on a Peaceful Parent  Blog Tour with some of her favorite folks in the world of gentle parenting. The Blog Tour is over, but the fun continues!  You can download audios of Dr. Laura being interviewed, read book reviews, and enter drawings to  WIN A FREE COPY of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids!



Natural Parent Network
Live Call: Beyond Discipline
Want to move beyond punishment and discipline into more peaceful parenting?  You can still listen to the replay of this call:
Last week's live call with Natural Parents Network is available here:
Don't forget to enter the Book GiveAway on the NPN website.

Presence Parenting
Download and save a pre-recorded conversation complete with a transcript, in which Amy Phoenix interviews Dr. Laura about parenting with presence and handling your own anger, when your kids are acting out and you're just trying to make it through the day.

Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources
Dr. Laura talks about her own lonely childhood and what has shaped her parenting philosophy in this candid, insightful interview with L.R. Knost of Little Hearts.

Natural Parent Magazine
New Zealand's Attachment Parenting Magazine
Book Review by contributor LR Knost.

Code Name Mama
Live Call: Regulating Your Own Emotions
If you missed the live call with Code Name Mama, no worries -- Here it is!
Dr. Laura answers parenting questions from Ariadne Brill's community on Dealing with Defiance, Explaining Santa, Moving Beyond Power Struggles & More.
Amy McCready, author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time hosts a guest post by Dr. Laura: "Want to help your child learn to manage her emotions?  Convert your time-outs to time-ins!" Make sure you enter the drawing for the book giveaway!

Good Job and Other Things You Shouldn't Say or Do  (Unless you want to ruin your kid's life)
Listen in on a conversation between Jennifer Lehr and Dr. Laura as they consider what your child wishes you knew about how to help her "behave", including why timeouts and forced apologies backfire, why discipline doesn't work, and what does. You can download the audio by right-clicking (or control-clicking) the link below and saving the audio file to your computer:

Beyond Discipline - Jennifer Lehr interviews Dr Laura Beyond Discipline - Jennifer Lehr interviews Dr Laura (74025 KB)


Download the transcript here:

Transcript of Jennifer Lehr interviews Dr Laura Transcript of Jennifer Lehr interviews Dr Laura (1771 KB)


And read Jennifer's blog post about the book, as well as enter to win a free copy of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, at the Good Job website.

Positive Parenting Toddlers and Beyond
Dr. Laura and the administrators of the popular Positive Parenting Toddlers and Beyond Facebook page had a wonderful live chat and answered a ton of parents' questions. You can still read it, if you scroll down the page.
Kimberley at the SingleCrunch asks Dr. Laura questions from parents about single parenting. Hint: Single Parents are saints, and there's no way to do it perfectly!  Free Giveaway Book!

Confessions of a Dr. Mom
Dr. Melissa Arca of Confessions of A Dr hosts a guest post by Dr. Laura on why "It's a good thing you aren't perfect!" 

Teacher Tom
A review of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by teacher and prizewinning blogger Teacher Tom.

Our Muddy Boots
Read a book review by Jennifer at Our Muddy Boots, a guest post by Dr. Laura, and enter the final drawing to win a free copy of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids!


Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

"Having Dr. Laura Markham on your bedside table is like having an angel on your shoulder, whispering useful secrets in your ear...{She} shows us how to replenish our spirits so we can give our kids the best of ourselves, not what's left of ourselves."
--Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, from the Foreword