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Would you like to host an event with Dr. Laura? Terrific! You probably have lots of questions. Let's start with those.

Would Dr. Laura speak at our event? Absolutely! Dr. Laura loves to talk with parents. Her talks range from morning coffees at preschools to keynotes at conferences. Dr. Laura would love to accept your invitation.

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What would she talk about?   Dr. Laura's most popular talks are:

How to Get Your Child Cooperating
without Yelling, Threats or Punishment


How You Can Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child


Dr. Laura's sessions are customized to fit each audience’s unique needs, but always include a lengthy crowd-pleasing Question and Answer segment. So everyone in your audience gets to ask their own question, and leave inspired!

Where would we have the event?  Often, schools and churches will donate their auditorium if their members are allowed to attend. 

What is Dr. Laura's fee?  For events in the New York area, $600. For events that require travel, and therefore a much larger investment of time, $2000. But if your group is a not-for-profit, Dr. Laura cuts these rates in half.

You'll also need to cover her expenses, so if your event is outside the New York area, that may include airfare and hotel, and within the New York area that may include taxis. Dr. Laura's fees depend on the time involved, so if she has to travel longer to reach you, her honorarium may increase.

Our organization doesn't have a budget...we can't even pay expenses!   Can you charge folks at the door?  That may reduce turnout, but it will cover your costs.

That's not the way our organization does things. We never charge.  Understood. If your event is open to the public, you may find that a local sponsor is willing to cover expenses, just for the publicity.

Finding a sponsor sounds hard...We're mothers, not salespeople. You'd be surprised how many banks, grocery stores, and civic organizations get excited about community events that benefit parents and kids! Dr. Laura gives you her Speaking Promo Kit, and you pass it on to the potential sponsor.

We're just a small group of moms, so we really can't come up with funding. Is there a way for us to talk with Dr. Laura? 

Yes! If your members buy 20 books in advance using ToGather, Dr. Laura will set aside an hour to skype or facetime with your group -- free!  You can just hook your computer up to your TV to see her on a large screen. It's even possible to gather ten people for a skype call who are in ten different locations.  Just go to the ToGather site and choose "REMOTE" event when you propose your event. Then, buy you books through ToGather so they can be tracked.

Does Dr. Laura do professional trainings?

Absolutely! Since these are usually longer sessions, and take more upfront planning time, her honorarium is a bit higher. But your participants are happy to pay for professional development training and an Aha! Parenting certificate.

I still have a question that hasn't been answered here. 


I'm ready to contact Dr. Laura to invite her to our event!

Please fill out the form on the right, and Dr. Laura or her assistant will respond as soon as possible to answer your question and work out the details.  Thank you!

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

"Having Dr. Laura Markham on your bedside table is like having an angel on your shoulder, whispering useful secrets in your ear...{She} shows us how to replenish our spirits so we can give our kids the best of ourselves, not what's left of ourselves."
--Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, from the Foreword

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