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"I don't understand why you say not to punish transgressions. I get the concept of the bigger the transgression, the greater the child's need is, but what if they really cross a line? Yesterday my 3-yr-old threw a book because he got mad. It hit my husband in the eye & cut his skin--yikes! I removed him from the room, told him that was not allowed ever & put him in a thinking spot. Yes? No?"  READ POST

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“I took your pledge of Yellibacy, but when I try to set limits my children just ignore me -- so I end up yelling." - Chris

Yesterday, we talked about why empathic limits are the secret to Raising a Self-Disciplined Child.  But sometimes it's not so easy to set an empathic limit. What if you state an expectation and your child ignores it?  It's hard to stay empathic then.  This is where most of us start yelling, or casting about for some threat to get our child to do what we want. Luckily, there's a better way.  READ POST

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