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“The things that piss you off about your kids are the things you haven’t learned to love and embrace about yourself.  Once you heal that part of you and accept it, your kids change – or their behavior no longer bothers you. The universe is constantly reflecting back to us where we have the opportunity to grow, learn more, love more.“ -- James Ray

When our kids push our buttons, it's always a growth opportunity.  Does that mean you let your kids get away with bad behavior?  Of course not. You set limits.  But if you can use the opportunity to notice and heal your own issues, you'll find your limits are a lot more effective in changing your child's behavior.  Why?  READ POST

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"It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”  -- Tom Robbins

The ability to bounce back into a state of well-being even when life throws us unexpected challenges is called stable internal happiness.  Some of us are lucky enough to develop it early in life. But if (like most of us) you're still working on how to do that, consider remedial parenting.
Remedial just means "improving skills," and most of us need to improve our internal self-management skills, which is the way we "parent" ourselves.  That's right, you're not only parenting your child every day -- You're parenting yourself.  You carry a parent around in your head, coaching you through your day.   READ POST

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