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"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." - William Shakespeare

The problem with parenting is that we don't get any prep time. We're always on stage, performing for an audience that responds to our every thoughtless word or action. We learn our lines as we go, improvising.  As soon as we master a cue, it's replaced by a new one.  We spend the entire play just trying to get ahead of the action enough to think about what to do next.   READ POST

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I'll be live on the Great Parenting Show answering parents' questions  READ POST
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"Dr. Laura...I don't want to punish, but I can't just leave my kids without guidance. I want them to learn." -- Elizabeth

We all want our kids to learn to do the right thing, especially when we aren't there and choices get tough. But guidance and punishment are not equivalent. In fact, when kids are punished, they move into fear, which means fight, flight, or freeze. The learning part of the brain shuts down (as do the digestive and immune systems.) So they may stand meekly while you lecture, but they aren't actually learning anything about how to do the right thing in the future.  READ POST

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