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"Choosing to have a child is choosing a life of service." — Peg Tyre

Last week a friend said to me, "This isn't what I signed on for."  I understand.  Sometimes, in the face of illness and death, I feel the same way.

But my friend was talking about her child.  She hadn't expected parenting to be so hard.

That rosy picture we have before our first child is so indistinct.  It doesn't seem to include teething, tantrums, or the teen years.  We ourselves never seem to get angry, or even to age.  And special needs?  Not what most of us sign on for.  READ POST

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"My daughter was being so rude and belligerent. She was screaming at me about everything, so finally I just lost patience and yelled at her to go to her room. Then she burst into tears and sobbed and sobbed. Finally she recovered enough to say she was scared of first grade. I hadn't realized....." - Tara

When children are having a hard time, their feelings usually explode at the people with whom they feel safe -- Us!  It's only natural for us to get angry, reprimand, yell back, or send them off to calm down.  But when kids act rude and belligerent, they aren't trying to give us a hard time.  They're trying to send us an SOS.  READ POST

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