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Do you and your partner ever disagree about parenting?  If not, please post a comment below with your secret!  If so, join the club!

And also please join me for my discussion with Jacqueline Green on the Great Parenting Show TODAY at 10am PT/ 1PM ET, when we discuss how to resolve conflicts with your partner without messing up your kids!  If you can't make the call live, no worries. You can listen to the replay for 24 hours.

Here's the link to register for this call and all the calls in the Great Parenting series this season.  All calls are free. (You'll be offered a chance to buy recordings and transcripts of all the interviews, but that isn't necessary unless you want to listen to them later at your leisure.)  Here's the link:

When you register, you'll get access info to listen to the call via live webcast or via phone. You can also submit your personal question via the Great Parenting Show webpage. I look forward to talking with you on this call -- and to helping you and your partner live Happily Ever After!  READ POST

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"Choosing to have a child is choosing a life of service." — Peg Tyre

Last week a friend said to me, "This isn't what I signed on for."  I understand.  Sometimes, in the face of illness and death, I feel the same way.

But my friend was talking about her child.  She hadn't expected parenting to be so hard.

That rosy picture we have before our first child is so indistinct.  It doesn't seem to include teething, tantrums, or the teen years.  We ourselves never seem to get angry, or even to age.  And special needs?  Not what most of us sign on for.  READ POST

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“I love the variety of educators…. The Great Parenting show included everything from marriage and sex to preschool, nutrition to psychology, Feng Shui to brain research. It highlighted the breadth of education available to and, dare I say it, necessary to raise healthy, happy adults.” ~ Cara - Billings, MT

I believe that being a parent is sacred work.  But it's also the hardest job we do.
That's why it's so important to support ourselves as parents.

One easy way to support yourself is listening to positive, inspiring interviews with credible experts who can answer your questions with clear information and practical solutions. That's why I'm a fan of the Great Parenting Show. My friend Jacqueline Green is the founder and host. She's made it her mission to provide parents with support and easy access to essential information.

This fall, Jacqueline has once again invited over 25 leading experts in parenting-related fields to share their wisdom, humor, and practical TIPS on how to take care of yourself and raise great kids. I'm recommending this show because because all three months of interviews are available to you at no charge. You can listen online to avoid long distance fees, and the best part is that you have the opportunity to send in your questions via web before and during the calls to get your questions answered live on the air.  READ POST

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"My daughter was being so rude and belligerent. She was screaming at me about everything, so finally I just lost patience and yelled at her to go to her room. Then she burst into tears and sobbed and sobbed. Finally she recovered enough to say she was scared of first grade. I hadn't realized....." - Tara

When children are having a hard time, their feelings usually explode at the people with whom they feel safe -- Us!  It's natural for us to get angry, reprimand, tell them to behave, or send them off to calm down.  But when kids act rude and belligerent, they aren't trying to give us a hard time.  They're trying to send us an SOS.  READ POST

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