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“If you can deal with hot emotions, then you can study for the S.A.T. instead of watching television, and you can save more money for retirement. It’s not just about marshmallows.” - Walter Mischel

Have you heard about the Marshmallow test?  It's used to measure self control in young children.

In the book Bringing Up Bébé, Pam Druckerman quotes Walter Mischel, the originator of the Marshmallow test, as support for her conclusion that Parisians, beginning when they're children, have more self control than Americans. Today, I'll describe the Marshmallow test and why it's important for every parent to understand. Tomorrow, we'll explore how children actually develop self-control. (Spoiler alert: The Marshmallow test doesn't actually support Druckerman's conclusions about how kids develop self control, which she says comes from the French practice of training kids to wait for attention and follow rigid schedules.)  READ POST

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