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"Dr. Laura...I hate Father's Day.  My children's father left us and takes no interest in them.  And then I get your email about how important fathers are.  Are my children scarred for life?"

"Dr. Laura....My partner and I (both women) chose to have two children using a sperm donor.  We work hard to be excellent parents.  We do have extended family who love our children, but no male who could be called a father figure.  We tell our children they have two mommies instead of a mom and dad."

"Dr. Laura...I am a single mother by choice.  I resent the implication that I am damaging my child."

Yesterday, I sent my weekly email a day early in honor of Father's Day.  If you missed it, it's here.  As always, I received a number of responses from mothers who are raising children without fathers.  Whether by choice or by fate, these moms are working hard to give their children everything they need, but there is one thing they aren't giving them: a father.  Understandably, they bristle when I say that fathers are important.

So even though you already received your weekly email yesterday, I'm including you in this daily mailing, just in case this topic applies to you.  If it doesn't, please feel free to delete it right now, and enjoy the Father's Day email from yesterday.  I'll look forward to talking with you in my next email as usual. But if my Father's Day email touched a nerve with you, this post is for you.   READ POST

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