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"Sleep? Good mood. No sleep? Bad mood!  That pretty much sums up my day to day existence. Two nights ago Wyeth treated me to 4 hours of straight sleep. Four hours! Awesome! And then followed that up with 3 hours of sleep. When I woke up, I decided I could do anything! I loved my family. I have friends and I love them!... I have ideas! I have energy!!... I felt GOOD. I felt alive. I am a good mom!" - Megan, In Pursuit of Balance  READ POST

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Last Sunday The Washington Post ran a wrenching story by Gene Weingarten about parents who forget their sleeping baby or toddler is still in the car seat, park the car, and leave the baby in a locked, hot or cold car all day to die.    READ POST

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Guest Blog by Elizabeth Pantley
Author of the No-Cry Nap Solution

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Guest Blog by Dr. Martha Heineman Pieper
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