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"This summer a teen in my community died in a car accident after a drinking party. Can you give tips on how to talk to my kids about alcohol? They're 7 and 11." – Dan

Smart dad! Parents are the most important influence on whether kids drink alcohol, and the earlier you start these conversations, the better. Kids whose parents teach them the risks of using drugs and alcohol are half as likely to use them. Don't wait until your kids are teens before you have these conversations. This is a topic you'll want to revisit over the years as your child reaches new levels of understanding -- and temptation.  READ POST

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"I like the suggestions in your post "Getting Kids to Cooperate" but I don't like the title ... It reeks a little of coercion and tricking, which your post isn't about...  I think a big thing for the mother in question would be to stop seeing her child's behavior as "bad"... and if the kid skips a bath, it's not that bad." -- MamaPoekie, Authentic Parenting   READ POST

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