Ages & Stages

Whether you're newly pregnant or helping your teen apply to college, here's where you'll find the secrets of happy parenting for each age and stage.

Pregnancy & Birth

Congratulations! You're beginning the adventure of a lifetime. Growing and giving birth to a baby is at once the most earthy and the most sacred work there is. And after that, the real fun begins. (Read article.)

Newborns & Infants

Welcome to Planet Parenthood, where the sleep is scarce but the love will blow you away. Your new baby's developmental tasks, your priorities, and a Parents' Gameplan for stress-free coping, all set up to make life easier when you've only had an hour of sleep. (Read article.)


Your Growing Baby: 4 to 14 months. How did that breath-taking newborn become such an adorable bundle of energy and fun? Your growing baby's developmental tasks, your priorities, and a simple Parents' Gameplan, for when you've got only three minutes to read before he wakes up. (Read article.)


So your precious infant has somehow grown into a walking, talking human being, who enchants you with his big heart and drives you crazy with his mule-headedness. Toddlers can be a handful, but if you can see it from his perspective, and support him as he takes his first steps into autonomy, toddlerhood can be terrific! (Read article.)


Not a baby anymore, not even a toddler, your little one is a Preschooler. And wondrous years they are, as your little one gains the ability to manage herself and control her emotions -- most of the time. Here's your gameplan for bringing out the best in your preschooler. (Read article.)

School Age

This is where things get complicated. You're trying to hold a busy household together and get dinner on the table, while your child is shaping into the person he or she will become. Take advantage of these sweet, reasonable, elementary years while you still have so much influence on your child. (Read article.)


Tweens are emerging teens, but they’re still children. They’ll astonish you with their ability to conceptualize, to argue brilliantly, and then to do foolish things. The Middle School years are a time of magical blossoming, but like all huge transitions in our kids' lives, they’re filled with ups and downs. (Read article.)

Early Teen

Parenting an early teen is a lot like parenting a toddler in some ways; they're moving steadily toward independence, and not always gracefully. If we can offer appropriate freedom and maintain connection, the rewards are huge, as we watch our child transform and blossom in front of our eyes. Biggest blunders parents make: Not giving enough freedom, closely followed by giving too much! Here's how to manage the balancing act. (Read article.)


Here’s where you get fired as the boss. If you've done a good enough job you get rehired as a trusted friend and advisor. And if you continue to do a good job, your teen may well even take your advice. Here's how to keep him motivated at school, the best way to insure her safety, and why you should be there for those 2am chats when his girl breaks up with him. (Read article.)