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Babies (age 4-14 months)

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Your baby is growing up! How did that breath-taking newborn become such an adorable bundle of energy and fun? And you, how did you get to be such a confident parent, knowing -- at least most of the time -- how to comfort your baby, feed her, connect with her?

Your adoration of your baby means she wants to please you, which means a happy child who cooperates even as she heads into her second year. And the intimate connection you've created with your baby lays the foundation for a rewarding parent-child relationship for the rest of her life.

Next on the agenda: sitting up, crawling, and walking, all in short order.

Positive Parenting Your Baby: Your Game Plan

Your growing baby's developmental tasks, your priorities, and a simple Parents' Game Plan, all set up to make your life easier when you've got only three minutes to read before he wakes up. (Read article)

How to Help Your Baby Learn to Put Himself to Sleep

Okay, so he's not an infant anymore, and you think he should sleep when you put him in his crib. Not unreasonable, but you may need to think about it from his point of view if you want him to get the message. (Read article)

Feeding Your Baby

Think your baby might be ready to start solid foods? Six questions you need to answer before you start your baby on solid food. (Read article)

Attachment Parenting: Why It's Best for Your Baby -- and Easiest for You

Attachment Parenting isn't only for newborns. In fact, even adults exhibit attachment seeking behavior when they're ill. If you haven't already read up on how attachment parenting your baby can make your life easier, click here.

Cherishing Your Baby

We begin, immediately, to orient ourselves to our special humans, we greet them with adoration, and with the expectation that we ourselves will be cherished. Humans are born ready to love, and to be loved. (Read article)

Q & A: Letters and Answers about Babies

Have a question about parenting your baby?  Questions from readers, with wise and practical solutions from Dr. Laura Markham to all those questions that keep you up at night.  (Read article)

Best Breastfeeding Books

Our favorite books on how to make feeding your infant the perfect food easy, effortless, and one of the most rewarding things you've ever done.  These reassuring, well-researched books are worth reading towards the end of your pregnancy -- and then keeping around as you embark on nursing your new baby. (Read article.)

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