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1 year old - Sleep through the night?

Dr. Markham
I'm desperate to get some sleep.  Our 12 month old son is still sleeping in our bed.  Is it possible to get him to sleep through the night – in his own bed?!

Dear Exhausted,
The challenge with babies is that their genetic makeup is essentially from the stone-age. 

Whether you believe humans started off in the Garden of Eden or a primeval forest doesn’t much matter.  The point is that moms didn’t have to go to work the next day, and babies couldn’t sleep by themselves without getting eaten by predators. 

So babies are designed to sleep with their moms.  When they wake slightly between sleep cycles – which all of us do – they don’t put themselves back to sleep naturally.  They first look around for mom and make sure everything’s ok.

So the bad news is that many babies do not fall asleep without being held, and do not sleep all night in their own bed, unless they are “trained” to do so.  It simply isn't a "normal" thing for small humans to do, biologically speaking.  But of course that presents a problem for parents who expect to get a good night’s sleep so they can function the next day.

The good news is that if your baby is over a year old, you can teach him to put himself to sleep. I hasten to add that many families opt to continue to nurse babies at night well into the second year, and I was one of those moms. There is nothing wrong with that approach.  Sooner or later, your child will begin sleeping though the night.  Speaking from experience, as a teen your sleepless baby may well sleep a lot.

But I hear from many moms who have little ones over a year old and are so sleep-deprived they're considering sleep training.  Unfortunately, most sleep training methods are traumatic for the baby, and even for the parent. 

However, I’m happy to say that you can teach little ones to go to sleep in their own beds without leaving them to cry.  This is not an overnight process -- it can take weeks or even months -- but it definitely works.  It’s just a matter or retraining their sleep associations.

Your goal  is to help your child sleep through the night.  For most babies and toddlers, that means helping him learn to fall asleep by himself, so he won't miss you when he goes through the stage of his sleep cycles when he wakes slightly.  This is a normal part of sleep for everyone, but we all know how to go right back into sleep so we don't even notice.  Your baby, unfortunately, moves into slight wakefulness and looks for Mom and Dad.

Often, however, when you teach your baby to put himself to sleep in the evening, he will then use that skill to put himself back to sleep during the night, and begin sleeping through the night.  The exception to this is kids who are still used to waking up to eat at night. Kids who sleep with their parents and nurse are more likely to insist on being fed at night for longer than other babies.  Is this because breast milk doesn’t hold kids for as long as formula, or just because the snack bar is right next to them? 

We don’t know, but it does mean that weaning your child from night feedings, once he’s over a year old, is usually the first step toward getting him to sleep through the night. This is not a step to be taken lightly, and parents who opt for it should know that it will mean your little one will need to nurse (and eat) more during the day.

If you're ready for night weaning, the best way to do this is usually for Mom to sleep in another room for a week, so when Baby wakes up, Dad can rock him back to sleep.  (You don't have to rock him, but it will probably work faster than anything else.)  This isn't Ferberizing, because you never leave your child.  Dad is there comforting him the whole time, while he gets used to going without food at night.  It isn't really even sleep training, it's night-weaning. However, your child will certainly cry, and this is a very hard few nights. 

I personally do not think that kids need everything they want, even if they think they do, and I think night weaning is sometimes best for a family because it produces a well-rested mom. On the other hand, this is a lot to ask of your little one, and a big adjustment.  I would always advise you to hold out as long as you can before night-weaning.  I personally waited until my kids were old enough to at least understand what was happening.  

Kids in the family bed often seem to sleep better -- at least once they're night-weaned -- since they're reassured by their parents' presence, and since sleeping with the mother is certainly a natural state biologically for babies and toddlers. But clearly the Family Bed really isn't working for you, so you want your son to sleep by himself.  That means you need your son to learn to fall asleep by himself, so that then he can put himself back to sleep when he does wake up at night.

Start by teaching new sleep habits. 

1. Help your little one learn to fall asleep without sucking. If you've been helping your son fall asleep with feeding or rocking, he is likely to wake during the night unable to fall back to sleep until he is fed or rocked again and again.  Unless you want to rock or feed him to sleep over and over at night, your goal now is to help him fall asleep in his own crib or bed, comfortably.  That means putting him in his bed when he's awake, so that he can get used to falling asleep there himself.  Breaking his established habit can be challenging -- it's hard for him to understand why you can't nurse him or rock him now.  You can expect him to need your close physical proximity to settle down to sleep.

You can break the association with sleep completely by nursing or bottle-feeding your little one in the living room before beginning the bedtime routine.  Since sucking is a harder habit to break than rocking, you probably want to use a two step process.  First, get your child used to falling asleep without feeding, even if you have to rock him.  This is where having Dad put baby to sleep is great.  Mom can nurse the baby, or feed him, in the living room, and then Dad can take him in the bedroom and rock or walk him to sleep. Your baby may cry, but you know he has a full belly, and the comfort of Daddy. 

2. Help your little one learn to fall asleep lying still (in your arms).
Eventually, he will learn to fall asleep without nursing or a bottle. Once he's used to falling asleep being rocked or walked instead of eating, the next phase is to get him falling asleep without rocking.  So you begin with rocking, but then, before he is actually asleep, you stop rocking, and just sit holding him. If he protests, begin rocking again. Keep repeating this.  It may take 25 attempts, but eventually he will begin falling asleep even though you have stopped rocking. That’s a real victory. Do this for a week or so until he's used to it as your new routine: getting sleepy while rocking and then falling asleep in your arms while not rocking. 

3. Help your little one learn to fall asleep in his bed.  The next step is to
 wait until Baby is almost asleep in the chair, then stand and hold him still in your arms in his sleeping position (on his back) until he is almost asleep and accepts the stillness. If he protests, rock him in your arms as he falls asleep while you’re standing.  Again, do this for a week until he is used to this routine.

Next step is to begin lowering him into the crib or bed still awake although almost asleep.  When he protests, pick him up again in the rocking position and rock a little, then stop.  Keep repeating this.  It may take 25 attempts, but eventually he will let you put him in the bed without protest. Now you are almost home. 

Eventually, you will be able to put your baby in the crib and hold him there while he falls asleep, because he will not need rocking any more.  Then you move to touching, but not holding, your baby, while he falls asleep in the crib. Eventually, he will be able to fall asleep with you simply holding his hand, or putting your hand on his forehead. Keep doing this until he accepts it as your new routine -- getting sleepy rocking, but then being put into his bed lying on his back and falling asleep there, eventually without you even touching him.

Although this is a long process, the first few nights are the hardest.  If your little one is used to you rocking him to sleep, and now you won't do that, naturally he is likely to protest with vigor.  After all, he doesn't know how to go to sleep without rocking.  Your son is probably able to understand more than you think, and sometimes kids his age are helped by having you act out the new routine with stuffed animals.  He may still protest, but at least he understands more about what is going on.

What if he cries?  Your little one is learning new sleep habits, and that's hard for him.  He may well cry, especially at the beginning.  That’s why I advise you to go very slowly.  If you feel your child is too upset, there is nothing wrong with trying again when he's older, or simply making your teaching more gradual. 

This is not "Ferberizing" which requires the parent to leave the room, even though you are actively "teaching" your child to put himself to sleep.  Throughout the process, while he learns this new skill, a parent is there offering comfort and sympathy.  Your child's deeper needs for connection and trust are always being met, he is never left alone to feel abandoned, wondering why Mom and Dad don't come to answer his cries.  And eventually -- within a few months, or even weeks -- your son will lie right down to sleep as soon as you put him in the crib, and will sleep through the night.  Sweet Dreams!

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Amber commented on 15-Apr-2010 08:19 AM
What about a 1 year old that puts himself to bed at night, but wakes up EVERY night for a feeding (usually anywhere from midnight to 3 am)? How do you stop that feeding, but not get up for the day at 5 am? Any suggestions? Thanks
Overtired mama commented on 17-Jul-2010 10:56 PM
I'm kind of in the same situation. I have a 1 year old who is so used to having me in the room/sleeping with her.. and she still wakes up to eat EVERY night - at least once around 11-1am, and sometimes again around 4am... I've replaced her bottle with water instead of milk, but she STILL wakes up, every night... Can anyone help?! (my husband is no help). Thanks!
Anonymous commented on 27-Nov-2010 05:31 PM
What about single moms that don't have dad to step in??
Laura Markham commented on 06-Apr-2011 09:56 AM
Amber- Sounds to me like your one year old is hungry. This is not an issue of him not being able to move into the next sleep cycle by himself, given that he does fall asleep by himself at night. So it seems to me that a one year old who falls asleep by
himself and does NOT get fed sometime between midnight and 3am will naturally want to be fed at 5am and may wake up enough at that point to insist on starting the day then. Sorry. Try feeding him more during the day.

Overtired- Since you are still giving her a bottle, even if it is water, then she is still putting herself back to sleep by sucking. You'll want to follow the advice given above.

Anonymous- Like everything else about single parenting, it is about 1000x harder when you have no back up. There is no magic answer here, because you have to do this yourself. Meaning hold your child and refuse to nurse him, and acknowledge when he protests
and cries and rages that it seems unfair to him but we only nurse in the daytime. Sorry.

Anna- If you're in the same position as the letter writer, then follow the steps outlined above. Good luck!
SheLovesHim commented on 14-Jul-2011 10:40 AM
My 1yr old son rocks himself in an infant rocking chair. When he is asleep I move him to the crib. If he wakes up at night he puts himself back to sleep. Is it ok that we continue to let him fall asleep in the chair in the living room. He has a routine...
Last meal @6:30, bath and book @7:30 and one bottle before 8:00. He sleeps from 8-7am I just wonder if he should go to bed awake?
Anonymous commented on 16-Aug-2011 01:50 PM
Count yourself lucky it seems like you have a great routine and don't worry about making changes until your little one wants to. my 1 year old wakes up all night long and wants to still sleep on the boob all night.
Deepika commented on 21-Aug-2011 09:00 PM
I am so glad to have found this website. I am at my wit's end with my 1 yr old. Everyone is recommending C-I-O but we don't have the heart to do it. I am physically exhausted:(
Terry commented on 28-Aug-2011 04:47 PM
Boy am i glad for this website too. Its not harsh. My son is 14 month and i will try this at once. Big job, but with love i guess all is possible. Thanks!
Amy commented on 17-Oct-2011 09:18 PM
I am also glad and eager to try this. I have a 12 month old and in 4 months a newborn so there is limited time to get him to learn how to sleep by himself. I recently became a single mommy, living at home with the parents, so the tough doctors way of "just
shut the door and let him cry" method was not going to work since they go to bed early and wake up at 5am. Not only that, my son would cry so hard he would make himself sick... so new bath, clothes, and bed sheets... not ideal for every night and he still
wouldn't be asleep. Thank you so much for this momma in need of help
Kristen commented on 30-Nov-2011 09:58 PM
Thanks for the great advice! My 14 month old just started waking up throughout the nights so it's time to make some changes to her routine!
Chrissy commented on 09-Dec-2011 10:38 PM
My 15 month old daughter falls asleep with a bottle and wakes up for a feeding several times during the night. Being a working Mom, this is very stressful. I've tried watering the bottle, cold turkey, etc. She crys so hard and asks for ba ba, that I give
in. Oh, did I mention she sleep with me, as well. And, my husband had taken up permanent residency on the basement couch. I need sleep for my sanity! I am going to try these menthods, asap. Any other advise will be helpful.
B commented on 11-Dec-2011 04:38 PM
What do I do if my baby can fall asleep on his own with a bottle sometimes doesn't need rocking but still wakes up during the night? This has been happening for 2-4 weeks now
tanya commented on 13-Dec-2011 02:50 PM
my son goes to bed by himself,will not stey asleep eaven if i rock him and no botles with wath water and i even try to let him cry him self back to sleep but that takes 3 hours and its hard to be a seangle mom and one bed room what do i do
Melissa commented on 28-Dec-2011 12:59 PM
My daughter is 13 months and we co-sleep right now. This has been since she is 9 months old. She seems to hate her crib. she screams every time we put her in there. THere is no soothing her back down she grabs my shirt and clings on for dear life. We really
need our bed back! Besides that she wakes almost every morning around 3 or 4am and has a hard time putting herself back to sleep. Help!
Jeni commented on 09-Jan-2012 04:10 PM
im a single parent to a 1 yr old, still breast feeding but ready to give it up and we co sleep. She also seems like she is afraid of her cot ive tried cio but its too distressing and she becomes even more clingy after trying. she still wakes in the night
for feeds and wont stop crying until i feed her she wont take formula or cows milk in a beaker from me but she has from my mums pretty busy so cant be here everynight. I feel like i have every sleeping problem in the book please help!
Jessica commented on 13-Jan-2012 04:26 PM
I am a very tired full time working mother of a precious baby girl that will be turning one in 3 days. I have early days and late night. I cant bring myself to letting her cry it out, cause with all the time I work I dont want the precious time I spend
with her to be her crying. So I will defently try these solutions and hopefully mommy and baby will both be well rested. I just think that I have people pulling against me, her grandfather is my primary "baby-sitter" and he is defently in spoil mode. I know
he would be heartbroken if I had someone else do it, but I dont know, he refuses to let her sleep in her bed or her own, and they sleep all day long... At least everytime I call to check on her they are sleeping. I have expressed my thoughts with him on this,
but nothing seems to change? Does anyone have any suggestions?
JENNIFER commented on 17-Jan-2012 10:50 PM
Jess C. commented on 19-Jan-2012 11:22 AM
I am thanking my husband right now for finding this site! Our sweet little boy will be 1 in four days and I am at my wits end. He has slept through maybe 3 nights in his life. In the last week or two he has been waking as often as a newborn most nights
and he sits up in bed immediately. I think part of his issue is teething but he too requires nursing to fall back to sleep. We are going to first try increasing his food intake during the day and have a good talk with his ped at the 1 yr appt. Sometime after
that we will likely start implementing the rest of the advice listed above. I will be checking back and updating. Hoping to hear that some of you have had good results!
Mrs. Stokes :) commented on 22-Jan-2012 10:52 AM
Well my lil guy is going to be 1 on feb 3. He isn't a fan of sleeping, not even when he was brand new. Glad I found this website because seriously every other mom I know has a baby that sleeps through the night. Not to be harsh, or unprofessional but I
have the urge to pull my hair out and tell them to shut their big fat mouths. It's frustrating!!! Maddox hasn't slept through the whole night once. Im not a fan of the CIO method, it hurts to see him cry so much and why would I let him cry when he just vomits
everywhere and I have to bath, change sheets and put him back down to sleep and disrupt his schedule even more. Im still breastfeeding through the night ( we're also co-sleeping, I need some sleep too :)) What I've been doing is gradually letting him cry when
he wants to nurse, it usually lasts less than a minute and he turns over and falls asleep again. I've gone from 3-4 feedings a night to one. Now I just got to get him to fall asleep on his own and in his's a long road :) Just remember Mom's,
it doesn't last forever and we wont ever get this time back with our little ones.
Anonymous commented on 22-Jan-2012 07:12 PM
I have a 19 month old son and I get him to sleep on my lap in the livingroom. I rock him while he drinks a bottle of milk. I then carry him upstairs to his cot and he sometimes sleeps through, and sometimes he wakes in the night and I put him in our bed
where he goes straight back to sleep. I would love to change his bedtime routine but he is a very grumpy child! I know for a fact that the above routine would not work for him :-( What else could I try? His cot is in our room as we do not have a spare room
for him until we move house. I have a 6 year old daughter who has her own room. She slept in our bed for 4 and a half years! As soon as I got pregnant with my son, I started putting her in her own bed and it only took 3 nights for her to be ok with that routine!
Will I have to wait until my son is that age for him to go to bed on his own?!?!?!?!?!?! Sorry for the long message! lol. Any replies will be greatly appreciated! x
Mason's Mommy commented on 23-Jan-2012 08:56 PM
Sorry you are all going through this with your 1 year olds...I am as well. My son, Mason, goes to sleep in his crib fairly well (somethimes cries for 3 minutes), but then goes to sleep. The problem is that he usually wakes up anywhere between 1am and 4am
with a bloody murder cry. He usually just wants to come lay in bed with us and fall asleep, although occasionally if its closer to 4am we give him a bottle. This is a LOVE/HATE thing. I love cuddling with him, but at the same time I hate it because I cannot
sleep well knowing that he is between me and my husband. I am afraid we are going to crush him or he is going to suffocate in the blankets!!! I wish he would just sleep until at least 5 or 6am!!! Very frustrating...
Anonymous commented on 23-Jan-2012 09:59 PM
I guess I am confused as to how being next to your baby, trying to sooth her to sleep, while she is crying is better than checking on her every few minutes. It seems like it would be torture to the baby to see you standing there but not picking her up.
Can you explain how this is soothing? Thanks.
Laura Markham commented on 24-Jan-2012 08:45 AM
I think you may not have read the post closely. Please note you are in fact HOLDING your baby to begin with. You are just breaking the association between sucking and sleep. That is always step one. You are holding, rocking, walking, whatever. Yes you
are forming a new sleep association, but it is a way to help your child get past sucking to sleep, with less distress. So if he cries, you are holding him. Step Two is that you break that new association, in other words, you hold your child but you are not
rocking or walking. SO you break the sleep association with movement. Since you are holding your child through both of these steps, that is soothing. It is night and day compared to leaving the room. You are allowed to say NO to your child about nursing to
sleep, or rocking to sleep, and you greet his upset about that with soothing empathy. If you just left, not only is he not getting to suck or rock, which are the only ways he knows how to fall asleep. You are also abandoning him in his panic, which sends his
stress hormones shooting up. In the Third Stage, you are able to put your little one in the crib slightly awake and he falls asleep. If he protests, you pick him up immediately. Again, night and day between that and leaving the room. Eventually, he learns
it is not an emergency to be put in the crib and he stops protesting. This whole process can take weeks or even months, but the child is never left alone to panic. At the moments that he is crying, he is held. You are not standing there staring at your child
"torturing" him.
Kat commented on 24-Jan-2012 05:56 PM
I've got my son in a solid routine he falls asleep fine within 5 mins of being put to bed awake but still wakes up he has bath at 7 porridge at 7.30 bed at 7.45 with a bottle of milk (not formula) any helpful advice to get him to sleep through? The other
night he slept 10 hours without waking so I know he can do it it's just getting that 10 or more hours every night without fail also a single mum so no dad to back me up. Thanks
elizabeth goodman commented on 26-Jan-2012 10:36 AM
i have a 1 year old who goes to sleep on his own but wakes every hour looking for a bottle to suck, he has a few sips and fallys asleep. how do i get him to stop wanting the bottle? getting up every hour is exhausting. also on buses he wont sit in the
pushchair without screaming the place down, its embarrasing. i try to distract him but nothing works, how can i get him to stop this behaviour?
Maxwell's Mommy commented on 04-Feb-2012 09:34 PM
My 13 month old goes to bed on his own in his crib but wakes to nurse every few hours and will almost always want to cosleep once he eats the 1st time. I've tried rocking or holding until he is asleep and even just nursing briefly but he will not go back
to sleep until he nurses as much as he "needs" to. Any thoughts? Please help I'm tired!
Melody commented on 04-Feb-2012 10:42 PM
I take care of my brothers 13 month old little girl almost all the time. she will go to sleep in her swing around 8 or 8:30. She wakes up at 10 and won't go back to sleep till 4 in the morning some times 5,6 or 7. What can I do to help her stay asleep.
Help please???
Anonymous commented on 09-Feb-2012 02:15 PM
I have a 15 month old, and we are having a problem with falling asleep by sucking. (He sleeps in bed with my husband and I) He can fall asleep on his own with out the bottle, but he will fight it. He wakes up several times during the night for a bottle...I
give him water throughout the night. He usually doesnt drink much. Just a couple sucks to calm down then back to sleep. I tried helping him go back to sleep without the bottle but he refuses and gets all worked up. I end up giving in and letting him have the
bottle. I really want to stop the middle of the night bottle of water. Any advice on how to break this habit??
Sleeplessmom commented on 10-Feb-2012 05:51 AM
I'm in the same situation but kind of worse. my daughter doesn't sleep during the day, she doesn't sit still. she climbs on top of everything, crawl through doors, puts everything in hr mouth,i'm constantly busy with her during the day. she doesn't sit
still for a minute. at night after allot of wrestling with her she finally gives up around 8-9 pm. but then she wakes up at 3-4 am to drink a bottle. sometimes she sleeps by her self, sometimes i have to rock her and sometimes she doesn't sleep at all, so
i find my self staying wake the rest of the night, and even the times when she does go back to sleep, she wakes back up around 5-6am. i am so tired. it's been like this ever sins she was born and i'm very very tired. i feel that i can not take it much longer.
i am a working mom. i have to work at 8 am so you can imagine that i don't get enough sleep. i am always tired and the only way i can keep myself awake is by eating. i have gained so much weight that i can't fit into any of my cloths anymore, i can't even
find the strength to even to the simplest tasks like washing her clothes. i have like i am going crazy and the lack of sleep is making me angry all of the time. i yell at everybody and all the time. please help me. i have tried everything. letting her cry
it out, giving her water, letting her sleep later, giving her her last bottle at 11pm, i even tried having her solid food at 7 to see if that works, but it doesn't. please help i am really tied and this is starting to affect my relationship.
exhausted mom of 2 commented on 23-Feb-2012 04:27 PM
Wow, some of you are so lucky! My son will be 1 next week & on a good night he goes to sleep about 11:30-11:45 pm & wakes up every 3-4 hrs for a bottle & sometimes more for a pacifier. He sleeps late. Even if i manage to put him to sleep a LOT earlier
i cannot wake up him no matter what i try- he'll literally fall asleep standing up w/his head on the couch or laying on the floor & usually he wakes up about 10-10:30 am. I can't MAKE him eat more then what he eats. He's somehwat a picky eater & i've tried
& tried all sorts of types of food & textures & he feeds himself most of the time (that's what he wants to do) & if it's the hunger issue i dnt know what else i can try to get him to eat more during the day. -Exhausted
groove on, more like slippers on :( commented on 25-Feb-2012 03:46 AM
I am extremely tierd of my 1 yr old sleeping in bed with me and my partner he has the occasional night where he sleeps in his own crib but you can count on the fact he will be in our bed at about 4 in the morning or sometimes earlier. me and my partner
have 2 other children who go to bed easily with no problems and they both co slept with me when they were babies as i ws a single parent at that time. i breast fed all of them but i dont now with my 1 year old and he has a bottle before bed every night. our
relationship is going south not to the point of splitting but to the point of we are becoming one of those couples who never get their groove on at night. we need little one to sleep in his own crib which is right next to the bed and has netting on the side
where he can see us both if he wakes why does he not sleep in the crib should we get him his own small bed.
Jessica commented on 05-Mar-2012 10:30 PM
I also need help. My daughter turned one just two days ago, and has never slept a night. When I am lucky, she will sleep for 3 hour spurts all night long. Of course those lucky nights are rare. Lately she is up every hour. She is kind of sick right now,
so I don't blame her too much, but even when she is not sick, she rarely makes the 3 hour mark. She is on a dairy free diet due to allergies, so I have convinced myself that she does not have enough in her tummy to sustain her all night long. Am I making up
excuses for her? She acts as if she is starving when I bring the bottle in to her all night long, and most of the time she downs the entire thing (5-6 oz). I do not think it is always about wanting to be rocked to sleep or comforted, since she is able to put
herself back to bed on her own at times during naps and at night... but it is not always consistent... which is why I think she is actually hungry, but her doctor said that she should not be eating at night, and that I should try the cry it out method, which
I simply cannot do. She naps twice a day if I am lucky... between 25-45 min each time. She has a consistent bedtime routine as well. I am expecting another baby in less than 2 weeks!!! I am actually positive that the newborn will be easier at night compared
to my one year old. I am just looking for help. It has been a year of no sleep (and being pregnant for most of this year has not helped either), and in less than 2 weeks it is about to get worse.
Dee commented on 10-Mar-2012 08:42 AM
Well, aren't I glad that I am not the only one with this issue. See, I never had any problems putting both my kids to bed (which are now 2 and 1 year old). Ive learned how to do a routine with both of them and they would fall asleep by their own (Snack
time, relax with mommy and daddy, watch an episode of the Wiggles, brush teeth, kisses and g'nights from everyone and then bed time). The issue is far from putting them to sleep. They both go to bed around 7:30-8 and both falls asleep within 10minutes. HOWEVER...
My daughter (the 1y/o), is draining me real bad. She wakes up, every single nights, around 11-12 then 3am and finally up at 6. In between she can wake up bake and forth for no reason at all, which I need then to put her favorite song on and she goes back to
sleep. I cannot let her cry or yell since both of them share a room. One night, I stopped counting how many times she woke up after 11 times..... I've read the other suggestions on what to do for similar issues and I still have no answer for mine. She eats
very well during the day. I feed her until she had enough, she always has something to drink near her. Oh and above all, she NEVER napped much, not even as an infant. Her naps were/are (if I'm lucky) roughly an hour-hour and a half ... PER DAY! I'm super drained
from her, I can't and haven't got a good night sleep in over a year, yet I never had an issue with my 2years old who LOVES sleeping (can sleep 12-14hrs per night AND asks us to go to bed...). Any suggestions for me for this? It would be very appreciated!!
Arsala commented on 22-Mar-2012 05:34 PM
hi, i got the same problem that my 1 year wakes up the whole night and cry that i keep her rocking BUT besides her i`ve got her twin sister who wakes up from her crying and wants to have the same so do have any tips that how could i make them both have
a sound sleep atleast for the nights because my days are worst?????
needzsleep commented on 28-Mar-2012 12:40 PM
Wow i'm so relieved to finally see there are other moms in my boat. It appeared to me i had the only infant who was a party animal who kept me up all night long! And boy how i hate to hear from other moms how their infant sleeps thru the night and has
since 4months without any resistance or help from the parents they "just did it" Nothing frustrated me more as i feel as though i tried everything and prayed and cried for a decent night sleep and i'm not asking for much just want atleast 4hrs. My son will
be a year old on Saturday and for the 1st 6months he was severly collic so i attended to his every wimper. Now i feel as though he's just used to being up and wakes up every 2 hrs and is relentless to go back to sleep without the bottle. I've tried water and
he he'll fall asleep but be up in 20mins. Which made me crazier. So i would give him and give him the bottle so i can at least get 2hrs out of him being i work full time and that i'm 5 1/2 months prego. He falls asleep in my bed watching a little tv at 8pm
then i transfer him to his crib and within an hr he's up. At this time i can lay him down in his crib and with patting he'll go back to sleep until 11pm. At that time he won't lay down or relax in his crib he just flips out until i take him out and feed him
in my bed. Once he's had enough of the bottle he pushes it away then goes back to sleep on his own in my bed and again i transfer him to his crib. At by 2am he's up screaming again for the bottle where i repeat the routine and transfer again. By 3am he's up
and screaming and won't go to sleep even in my bed for another 45mins. I'd give him the bottle pat him nothing works. He appears to not be tired and doesn't want to sleep which makes no sense to me since i'm up with him all night and i'm exhausted to tears
or anger. My next move is going to be putting him in his own room and letting him fuss his heart out if i can stand it. so at a loss...
ilaria commented on 05-Apr-2012 11:54 PM
My daughter is 1 year old and 4 weeks, she was sleeping fine all night until 3 months she drink about 8 oz milk around 8- 8.30 pm and goes to sleep at 9 pm , she feel a sleep by her self, as soon I put her in her crib 5 minutes later she is a
sleep but starting at 1 am until 6 am she wakes up every hour. Sometimes, if she is only talking, I wait and she fell a sleep by her self but sometimes when she is crying and screaming I'm going to her, put her down, give her the pacifier and usually in 10-15
minutes she is back to sleep. What can I do for stop this? I can't take the night sippy cup away because is the only time she drink milk (she eat the milk with the cereal in the morning, she eat yogurt and cheese but that is the only time that she drinks 8
oz of milk)and she is in our room because for a while we have to leave with my parents.
Worn Out commented on 18-Apr-2012 02:57 PM
I am soooo glad to have found this website. I have a 1 year old who will only go to sleep while nursing. From day one, I tried to put him in his crib while drowsy. It never worked. I have a 2 year old that has always fallen to sleep on his own. My one
year old wakes at least twice every night to nurse. I am like other moms that just want at least 4 hours of sleep. I know this won't last forever, but I am worn out!!! Please someone give me some tips, advice, something to try to get my one year old weened.

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