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An Infographic: Everything you always wanted to know about parenting siblings


My book Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings launches tomorrow! For the last three weeks, I've been on a virtual road trip, visiting with some of my favorite parenting bloggers, coaches and writers. There will be a few more visits coming up, but tomorrow is the last day of my virtual trip. Today, I stopped to visit Sumitha, the creative genius behind the website AFineParent.com

Sumitha told me that parents often feel helpless in the face of Sibling fights, because they aren't sure what to do. So she created an amazing Infographic that parents can print out, put on the fridge, and use as a reminder when they're stuck.  Don't miss page 2, which is the decision-making chart on whether to intervene when your children are fighting.

Here's what Sumitha says: 

"If you have more than one child, you know that sibling rivalry is a fact of life. And you probably have one question begging to be answered — how to stop all the fighting and raise them to be friends for life?

Here we go then.

Based on Dr. Laura Markham’s awesome new book Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life, I’ve put together a quick, easy-read infographic guide for effectively dealing with sibling rivalry. If you’re a visual person (or just a parent in a hurry), I think you’ll love it."

This is just a little taste of a much larger infographic. To download, please go to Sumitha's website: AFineParent.com

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