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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Guest: Dr. Joanie Farley Gillispie, author of Cyber.Rules: What You Really Need To Know About The Internet


Guest Dr. Joanie Farley Gillispie, the author of Cyber.Rules: What You Really Need To Know About The Internet


Topics covered include:


·         Statistics on kids’ usage of the Internet

·         Should a child have a Facebook?

·         The connections between video games and violence

·         How pervasive is porn addiction in teens?

·         How to tailor online guidelines for children according to their age

·         Why children growing up in the Digital Age have a different relationship with technology


Aha Parenting Moment: Preventing tantrums and melt-downs through communication and connection


Listener Question: When parents disagree about parenting


Secrets of Happy Parents: Having fun on April Fool’s Day


Guest Bio: Dr. Joanie Farley Gillispie, the author of cyber.rules: What You Really Need To Know About The Internet (A Guide for Clinicians, Educators, and Parents). A former preschool teacher and therapist, Dr. Gillispie is a clinical psychologist specializing in community psychology and forensic work. She teaches at Berkeley City College in the Multimedia and Psychology Departments and is the Director of the Teacher Training Pipeline Grant in Technology, Math, and Science at BCC. Her passion is applying concepts of psychology and multimedia to the complex interactive environment of digital media to better understand how our online behaviors affect our offline lives and shape our identities, relationships, and community.

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