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Love Never Fails

Guest: Heather T. Forbes,author of Dare to Love and Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control


Guest:  Heather T. Forbes, author of Dare to Love and Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control, discusses with Dr. Laura Markham her love-based approach to helping children with severe behaviors.  Topics covered include:
•    Why most traditional parenting practices are fear-based, not love-based, and don’t help our kids.
•    The difference between what “conditional love” versus “unconditional love” looks like on a “normal” day in a “normal” household?
•    How to teach kids emotional self- regulation.
•    How to stay connected with your child even when she’s upset – and why you need to.
•    What to do when your child is angry and doesn’t want to connect with you.
•    What to do when your child is upset and acting out, even hitting or attacking.
•    Why you shouldn’t “hold” upset kids to “contain” them?
•    Why Consequences & Timeouts disconnect us from our kids and teach the wrong lessons.
•    Why parents don’t need to worry so much about correcting “bad” behavior as about the feelings causing the behavior.
•    How parents can learn to self-regulate and maintain emotional equilibrium

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