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Dr. Laura is in high demand by schools, conferences and parent education groups across the United States because parent audiences love her.

Why Audiences Love Dr. Laura

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What's Different About Dr. Laura?

Life-Changing Q&A

Dr. Laura always includes a long Q & A, which is especially valued by parents. Since everyone wants to ask questions about their children, this builds attendance. As Dr. Laura answers questions from audience members, she coaches parents with her trademark warmth, compassion and insight, toward practical solutions that transform their relationships with their children. Parents leave inspired, feeling good about themselves, their children, and the future, with a concrete plan to transform their family life.

Evidence-Based Expertise combined with Mom-in-the-Trenches Experience

Dr. Laura understands child development and makes it easy for parents to understand too. But she also knows how hard it is to be a parent, because she has an 18 year-old and a 22 year-old. Having helped thousands of parents restore harmony to their homes, Dr. Laura knows how to help. She gives parents hands-on tools they can implement today to help kids WANT to cooperate, so parents can enjoy their children more. Unlike other models which remind you of your failings as a parent, Dr. Laura celebrates the hard work of parenting with compassion, inspiration and solutions.

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Speaking Topics

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids
  • Why children misbehave -- and how to help them WANT To Cooperate without yelling, threats, bribes or consequences
  • What research shows about how children develop self-­discipline
  • The four power tools you can use to connect with children and help them with their emotions
  • Why yelling and timeouts actually cause more misbehavior
  • How you can create the relationship you want with your child
How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child
  • Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important to your child’s success in life than IQ
  • How to give your child the tools of high EQ
  • Helping kids manage their emotions, so they can manage their behavior
  • The secret every parent needs to know about anger
  • Why it's good for your child to cry
  • Managing your own emotions so you can help your child learn to regulate his
Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings
  • Help your kids forge a close, lifelong siblings bond
  • Foster a loving family culture that encourages laughter and minimizes fighting
  • How to create deep connections with each of your children, so that each truly believes you couldn't possibly love anyone else more
  • Why it is important to teach your children healthy emotional self-management and conflict resolution skills

Past Speaking Events

International Gentle Parenting Conference, Cambridge, England

Smith College Center for Early Childhood Education, Northampton, MA

Oregon Psychological Association, Portland, OR (for Clinicians)

Santa Clara Valley Council Parent Participation Preschools Unplug & Play Conference, 

Norfolk Children’s Hospital, Norfolk, VA

Ackerman Family Institute, New York, NY

City of Irvine Child Care Coordination Training, Irvine, CA

La Leche League of the Sunshine State, Daytona Beach, FL

La Leche League of Canada National Conference, Ontario, Canada

Montessori Day School, Brooklyn, NY

Charlestown Nursery School, Boston MA

Wellesley Mothers Forum, Wellesley, MA

West Chester School District, West Chester, PA

Holistic Moms Network National Conference, Montclair, NJ

Speakers for Parents in Cooperative Education, Redwood City, CA

Parents Education League, Los Angeles, CA

Tampa Bay Birth Network, Tampa Bay, FL

Beit Rabban Synagogue, New York, NY

Congregation Beth Israel & Pachie’s Place, San Diego, CA

Partnership for Awareness, San Marino, CA

Cobble Hill Preschool, Brooklyn, NY

Casa Montessori, Brooklyn, NY

Bowery Babes, New York, NY

San Francisco Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, San Francisco, CA

Adoptive Parents Committee Annual Conference

Children the Heart of the Matter Conference, Vancouver, Canada

Golden Gate Mothers Group, San Francisco, CA

Unitarian Church of Staten Island, NY

The Mulberry School, San Jose, CA

Discovery Charter School, San Jose, CA

Hawthorne Montessori School, Austin, TX

Bluebonnet Montessori School, Austin, TX

Resurrection Episcopal Day School, NY

PS 9, Brooklyn, NY

Rosie Posie Baby, Anaheim, CA

Jersey City Moms MeetUp, Jersey City, NJ

Holistic Moms Network, Parents Place & Monterey Bay Charter School, Monterey, CA

Bucharest, Romania - Parent Talks & Parent Educator Training 

Beijing, China - Parent Talks & Parent Educator Training