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Teaching Conflict Resolution is Like Teaching Kids to Load the Dishwasher

When your children fight, you want to help them learn to work the conflict out in a positive way, where both of them get their needs met. But how do you begin? 

Learn the four keys to teaching kids to problem solve and resolve conflicts together by listening to this conversation I had with Alissa, of the always imaginative CreativeWithKids website, about siblings. You can also download the transcript! 


Here's one of Alissa's comments:

"Think of it like washing dishes. You want help cleaning up after dinner, but it takes a long time to teach kids to load the dishwasher. It may feel like it’s not worth it at first. You can choose to wash everyone’s dishes always and forever, probably feeling resentful about it as you do. Or you can take that extra time up front, really teach your child how to load the dishwasher. That up front investment pays off when your child is able to help out in the kitchen, and then keeps paying off when they head to college and actually know how to clean up after themselves.

Teaching conflict resolution is like this on an emotional level. It does take a lot of practice, but over time everyone gets better and better at it, and the rewards when you start to see them are huge. This is one of the ways you raise emotionally intelligent kids, and it’s a great start to raising friends for life...." 

Please continue reading at Creative with Kids:



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