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Fewer than half of all sixth graders describe their family communication as positive. Worse yet, only 22% of high school seniors do. Most tweens and teens regretfully report that there are things about which they can’t talk with their parents.  Why?  Either because their parents won’t listen, won’t understand, or will over-react.

But believe it or not, there are parents whose kids talk to them, and even ask their advice -- including teenagers. 

This easy-to-read 30 page E-Book gives you specific step by step strategies and support, so that you can be one of those parents. 

What Parents are Saying: 

"100 Conversation starters for family discussions has turned our dinner table atmosphere completely around. Even more miraculous, I've been able to get my fourteen year old to turn off her music and talk to me in the car.  I feel like I know my kids better these days, I understand them better, and they actually listen to me. The rest of the book is great, but that chapter alone makes me grateful every day that I bought your Communication book." -- Sara 

Oh I just LOVE how you offer multiple scenarios with ideas of what to say!!! Thank YOU! It gives us so much clarity and makes us feel like "I can do this, it is easy!" -- Toniko 

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Thank YOU so much for your encouraging emails and Facebook posts!!! Since I began this process, I have noticed a difference in the compassion I show to myself, and how much more that helps me connect with my kids. We are all feeling a lot more overall peace.


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