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1 month old fussy, always wants to be held
1 year old - Sleep through the night?
1 year old traumatized by smoke detector
10 year old acting out at school: test anxiety & social pressure
10 Year old Can't Relax and Sleep - Meltdowns from Noise, Lights - Sensory Issues?
10 Year Old is Angry at Homeschooling: Learning Disability?
11 month old starting daycare
11 Month Old Tantrums
12 month old won't take cup or bottle, Mom going back to work
12 year old daughter constantly fighting with Mom
12 Year Old Daughter Cuts, Tells Mom She Wants to Die. Abuse?
12 year old daughter won't go to bed at night, get up in the morning, always late for school
13 month old daughter already fighting with Mom
13 month old Tantrums
13 year old doesn’t want to practice piano
14 Month Old Hits Mom
14 Month old- How To Discipline?
14 month old panics at bedtime after 1 week separation
14 month old throwing everything!
14 year old needs to be the center of attention
15 month old - Separation Anxiety
15 Month Old Whines Nonstop
16 month old can't put himself to sleep without being rocked
16 month old gags himself & vomits in the playpen
16 month old pulls hair
18 month old "bully" pushes other kids down
18 month old toddler tantrums with hitting & head banging
19 month old Baby hates baths!
2 ½ year old interested in a bottle for the first time
2 year old afraid of other children--Toddler Social Anxiety?
2 year old attacks his big brother
2 year old plays with poop
2 year old refuses to sleep in own bed
2 Year old sleep anxiety following separation from mother
20 month old - How to lengthen over-tired toddler's nap?
20 month old - Social Skills
21 month old hitting other kids
23 month old testing limits: HIts for kicks, Throws toys
26 month old hitting other kids
3 year old - How to get interested in potty training?
3 Year Old - How to Stop Swearing?
3 year old angry & prefers dad - Divorce, mother's rage
3 year old attitude, hitting little sister
3 year old can't relax to pee on potty - Afraid?
3 year old complains. Can you teach optimism?
3 Year Old Demanding, Tantrums, Rages
3 Year Old Has Tantrums During Clean-Up Time
3 year old hits himself
3 year old obsessed with best friend
3 Year Old Picking Up Pushing, Hitting from Peers at School
3 year old Potty Training
3 year old potty training - not interested
3 year old says “I hate you!”
3 year old slapping peers for toys at playtime
3 year old struggling- tantrums, accidents, new daycare & baby sister
3 year old undergoing treatment for leukemia acts unrecognizably due to medical interventions
3 year old unfairly compared to autistic cousin
3 Year Old Unpredictably Rough, Aggressive
3 year old upset by new baby, refusing to go to school
3 Year Old Whines Nonstop
3 year old won't nap
3 Year Old Won't Talk in School. Selective Mutism?
3 year old won't use potty
4 Year Old - Aggressive Tantrums, Screaming
4 Year old - Helping with Feelings So He Stops Hitting
4 Year Old - How to Help Make Friends on Playground
4 Year Old Aggressive with Parents -- and Dog!
4 year old becoming aggressive and bedwetting + new baby
4 Year Old Bossy, Social Conflicts
4 year old boy prefers girly clothing
4 year old focuses on the negative
4 Year Old Has No Fear of Strangers
4 Year Old Having Potty Accidents
4 year old hits and doesn't seem to care
4 year old hitting little brother, Sibling Rivalry
4 Year Old Hitting Mom
4 year old is a bully! Help!
4 Year Old Pees All Over The House
4 Year Old Potty Training Setbacks
4 Year Old Struggles with Sharing
4 Year Old Waking in the Middle of the Night
4 Year Old Whiny, Defiant, Mean to Baby
4 year old who says "I won't be your friend"
4 year old who shouts over attempts to console- Preventive maintenance?
5 year old Aggressive Tantrums
5 year old and negative self talk
5 year old doesn’t want to do things for himself
5 year old explosive temper, hitting
5 Year Old has Tantrums During Sports Games
5 year old having accidents
5 year old is afraid to go to the bathroom alone
5 year old Threatening Other Kids: "I want you dead"
5 Year Old with Behavior Problems in Kindergarten
5 yr old wants to die because she's a girl
6 month old baby refuses cereals
6 year old difficult, reaction to twin toddler siblings?
6 Year Old Obsessed with Sex, Potty Talk
6 Year Old with Explosive Temper
6-month old hates carseat
7 year old clingy, can't play alone, becoming disrespectful
7 year old doesn't eat at meals & won't sleep alone
7 year old hitting parents, tantrumming
7 Year Old- Negative Thinking, Complaining, Arguing
7 year old obsessed with pee
7 Year Old Over-Reacts to Setbacks, Minor Disappointments
7 year old with nighttime anxiety is afraid of the dark and going to sleep at bedtime.
8 Month old Baby Screams when Mom leaves Daycare
8 Year Old Suspended for HittingTeacher
8 Year Old Tantrums - is this normal?
9 month old with separation anxiety needs to be held constantly
9 year old has panic attacks
Activities for kids to do without a lot of parental intervention
Adopted 5 Year Old Lacking Social Skills
Adoption- Research on Long-Term Effects?
Aggressive Toddler
Angry & Rejecting: Attachment Disorder or Sensory Integration Issues?
Angry 10 year old has dad with anger-management issues
Angry five year old
Anxious Child Spits Compulsively - Normal or OCD?
Appropiate age to talk about tooth fairy tale and other myths?
Are Bloody Movies Appropriate For Young Children?
Are Your Kids Regressing? Yes, it's the pandemic. Here's what to do.
Attachment Parenting - Does it Go Too Far?
Attachment Parenting Toddler and Newborn?
Baby - How to stop from biting parents?
Bad dreams and Nightmares
Bedtime Routine for Kids Who Have a Hard Time Falling Asleep at Night
Best age for kids to start daycare?
Best visitation schedule for shared custody?
BF's Daughter Driving Stepmom Crazy
Book recommendation for father-to-be with anger management issues from childhood
Building an evening routine for kids of different ages
But does this peaceful parenting approach work with a special needs child, such ASD and sensory issues?
Calming Scared Toddlers During Stressful Bedtime
Can 4 month old babies have bad dreams?
Can ADD 12 Year Old Stay Home Alone?
Child blames others for everything
Child Witnessed Father Beat Mother
Childcare provider's own child is jealous
Choosing preschool: Montessori vs Gifted?
Coaxing Stubborn Child to Cooperate
Critique of Bryan Caplan's book & TV Watching
Curing Sibling Rivalry with Angry Four Year Old
Dad adjusting to new baby
Daughter Jealous of Each New Half-Sibling Baby
Daughter won't get off toilet
Daycare Dilemma
Desperate to Get Baby to Sleep
Discipline and Rules for Toddlers - How do kids learn responsibility?
Discipline for Defiant, Spirited Toddler
Discipline for Preteens & Tweens?
Divorce: Supporting Your Child
Divorce: Surviving the Holidays
Do First Born Kids Have Higher IQs?
Do I Comfort My 6 Year Old After Scolding Her?
Do steroids taken by the father cause chemical imbalance in baby?
Does 4 Year Old's Drawing of a Person Indicate Developmental Delay?
Does breastfeeding have an effect on IQ?
Does Holding Your Baby Prevent Colic?
Does stepdad have the right to take cell phone from teen?
Endorphins for Childbirth Pain
Escape artist 3 year old leaves house, plays in car
Explaining Death to Children
Eye contact while baby is nursing?
Family Motto, Rules and Mission Statements
Family Stress After Deployment
Father who won't stand up for his own needs is raising holy terror
Fear of mental illness interfering with prenatal bonding
Fecal Retention, Encopresis in 5 Year Old
Finding a therapist who understands my child-raising practices
Flying with Kids: Painless Airplane Flight with Toddler?
For parents: Healing Yourself & My daughter is gay
Frightening and Painful Medical Tests Traumatic for Kids?
Frustration over getting kids to do chores without reminding and nagging
Getting my child to give up her pacifier?
Getting Strong-Willed Kids To Cooperate without Punishment
Getting Toddler to eat healthy food when mom loves junk food
Getting Toddlers to Sit at the Table for Dinner
Going back to work - Helping toddler adjust
Grandparents are negative influence in child's life
Handling intrusive remarks from strangers about child's talking, size
Healing after Miscarriage
Healing attachment disorder in adopted child?
Healing child after damage from harsh treatment and following Gina Ford
Help! My Toddler is Out of Control!
Helping a Child with Procrastination when Homework Takes Forever
Helping a child with stress
Helping Child with Father's Suicide
Helping child with fear of bees - Phobia?
Helping Children Through Chronic Illness
Helping Children with Compulsive Behavior
Helping Girls With Worries about Puberty
Helping kids develop empathy, manage emotions
Helping Kids Heal from Trauma by Making a Book
Helping Kids When Asperger's Dad Leaves the Family
Helping Kids with Feelings When They Hit
Helping preschooler learn to listen to teacher
Helping Stepdaughter with Losing Her Birth Mother
Helping Toddler & Preschooler adjust to new baby
Helping Toddlers and Preschoolers learn about Emotion
Helping Your Child Work Through Emotions So He Can Manage Them
Holding Kids Back a Grade
Hospital, Medical PTSD after Illness, Trauma
How authentic should parents be with kids about their own emotions?
How can I get my toddler to stop calling me by name?
How can you stop nail biting and thumb sucking?
How do I stand up for my toddler at the playground?
How do I stop my six year old from playing with her poop?
How long is too long in the high chair?
How much dramatic play is too much?
How much help should parent give second grader with homework?
How much to push kids and how to help them through stage fright
How to be a good mom to difficult 3 year old?
How to Change Toddler's Nursing Schedule Without Weaning
How to Get Good Behavior without Timeouts?
How To Get Toddler To Brush Teeth
How to get toddler to give up her bottle?
How To Heal Yourself To Be a Better Role Model for Your Children
How to help children become healthy eaters -- especially vegetables?
How to Help Your Child When You Remarry or Move in Together
How to Prepare 8 Year Old for New Step-Sibling?
How to Prepare Kids for Lab Work, Medical Procedures?
How to raise responsible kids?
How to Stay Calm Parenting a Strong Willed 4 Year Old
How to Stop Biting at Preschool
How to stop four year old from kissing cousin?
How to stop siblings fighting?
How To Take Mom Time or Nurse Baby without Closing Door on Toddler
How to teach toddler to come when called?
How will divorce & shared custody affect baby?
IEP for 7 year old with Tourettes, ADHD,OCD and Anxiety Disorder
Is 6 Year Old's Sexual Behavior Inappropriate?
Is Bed Sharing the Cause of Sleep Problems in my 7 Month Old?
Is Dad Overly Critical of His Kids Because His Father Was Harsh?
Is it normal for a 2 year old not to be talking yet?
Is it normal for a one year old to only have two teeth?
Is it Normal for Preteen to Snuggle with Mom?
Is it possible for young children to entertain themselves while you work?
Is it too late? Have I made too many mistakes as a mother?
Is It Wrong To Lie to Kids About Santa?
Is my teen narcissistic or just a normal teenager?
Is Peaceful Parenting Research-based
Is preschooler's odd behavior a sign of OCD?
Is Responsive Parenting Causing Clinginess in 13 month old?
Is single mom's rotating work schedule bad for 5 year old?
Is Spanking OK?
Is There Anything Good About Sibling Rivalry?
Is TV making 3 year old focus on looking pretty?
Kids Anxious about Family Move
Kids' grief over loss of pets -- and father
Kindergartener with special needs
Leaving my 18 month old during labor with new baby
Losing Patience with Adopted Kids
Love & Logic? A critique.
Medicating "High Maintenance" Child?
Mom discovers child has been sexually abused. What now?
Monster High Dolls
Moving 9 month old into own room after cosleeping
My husband (their Stepdad) hates my kids
My toddler is aggressive, what went wrong?
Neighbor's Preschooler Hitting and Bullying My Toddler
New Baby Making Toddler Clingy
Only Child Guilt
Overwhelmed By Children Spaced Close Together
Palilalia: Child whispers and repeats under his breath
Parenting with Mental Health Issues
Parents disagee about parenting
Parents of 9 month old disagree over having second child
Pediatricians are trained in medicine, not in parenting
Physical discipline for 19 month old who throws things
Playdate Disasters: Two year old hits and screams at playmates
Positive discipline when toddler hits baby?
Possible sexual abuse of neighbor's child?
Potty Accidents- Urine leakage- 3 year old
Potty Training Power Struggles with Toddler who won't go
Potty training... HELP! Daughter won't get off toilet
Potty-trained 3.5 year old withholding B.M.s: Fecal Retention?
Pregnant with 4th Child, Older Kids are Acting Up
Preschooler Chewing on shirt collar, blanket
Preschooler jealous of baby, developing attitude
Preschooler Temper Tantrums, Yells at Parents to Shut Up
Preteen Girls: Weight and Healthy Body Image
Protecting Kids When Parents Divorce
Put pudgy 10 year old on diet?
Regret about baby's birth
Role-Playing to Teach "Manners?"
Safe to leave baby with older boy who's been molested?
Second son feels overshadowed by oldest
Selective Mutism Diagnosis?
Serious issues with 5 year old boy, Overwhelmed stepdad, new baby
Setting Empathetic Limits and Finding Win/Win Solutions with 18 Month Old
Should I back up teacher's punishment in a school setting?
Should kids listen to the other Dr. Laura's radio show?
Sidestepping Power Struggles with Toddler after Arrival of New Baby
Son is anxious over another child's crying at school separation
Son with ODD and Explosive disorder is Abusive to Mom
Sons Jealous of Single Dad's New Lady Friend
Spanking and Discipline?
Starting a Family Routine
Stay at Home Moms vs. Dads
Struggling to peacefully parent 2 defiant toddlers
Stubborn Child is Wearing Mom Out
Talking with 3 year old about death of his father
Talking With Children About Racism, Police Brutality and Protests
Talking with Teens and Preteens about Bullying
Teaching Toddler to Sleep Before New Baby Arrives
Teenage daughter "rescuing" friends
Teenage driver almost hit pedestrian
Teenager Lies to Mom Constantly
Teenager pulling away from family
Teenager who breaks house rules
Telling a child about the sibling you gave up for adoption
The Inner Compass: Reframing the Traffic Light Rewards/Punishment System Used In School
The Link Between Diet and Behavior
Timeouts when kids hit? Only by staying with them.
To punish or not to punish stepson?
Toddler - How to get to sleep before third baby arrives?
Toddler Biting
Toddler- Biting, Hitting Mom and Dad
Toddler Cries All the Time
Toddler has become Picky Eater: Getting him to eat healthy food?
Toddler hates having hair washed
Toddler having potty accidents all of a sudden
Toddler not happy to see me at daycare pickup?
Toddler Pinching Playmates
Toddler pulling hair and scratching
Toddler resists booster seat
Toddler scared of books in which children "mess up"
Toddler Scared of Bugs
Toddler Separation Anxiety, Overwhelmed in Groups
Toddler Starting to Cry Constantly, New Baby Brother & Daycare
Toddler Takes Two Hours To Fall Sleep
Toddler Tantrums in Restaurants Out of Boredom
Toddler Throwing Toys
Toddler too attached to blankie?
Toddler- Wakes Up Early Morning
Toddler with Night Terrors
Toddler with Potty Learning Fears
Toddler won't stay in big kid bed
Toddler's Fixation with a Toy
Toddlers: Social, Solitary and Parallel Play
Tween son with nightime anxiety, tween daughter with separation anxiety
Twelve Year Old's Backtalk
Twins: How to be physically and emotionally available to two babies at once?
Undue Attention vs Real Needs?
Using Play to Help a Child Who Has Been Bullied, Bossed
Using Positive Parenting in Coaching my Child's Sports Team
Visiting Family for the Holidays
Weaning a Toddler: Fixation on Breasts
What About Consequences for Aggressive Behaviors Like Hitting?
What is the best age spacing between siblings?
What To Call Child's Genitals?
What's wrong with fetal monitors?
What's Wrong with Pacifiers?
When Preteens Break Your Video Game Rules
When Toddlers Grab Toys
When young children lie or are drama queens
Whining, Tantrums in almost-2 year old -- Does she just need to cry?
Why don't you believe in Timeouts?
Why kids need rituals
Why Soothing Babies Grows Their Brains
Working Mom Wonders How To Handle Meltdowns, Maintain Connection
Worried About New Babysitter For 8 Month Old
Worries about 14 Year Old - Rude, Emotional

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