6-month old hates carseat

Dear Dr. Laura,
My 6 month old daughter hates to sit in a carseat. I've tried toys/mirrors, etc. Toys will keep her occupied for about ten minutes then she screams and cries. We installed a high end, well cushioned convertible car seat which didn't make much of a difference to her.At this point, we just have not gone far. Occasionally, my husband will drive and I will hold her in the backseat which also means we don't go far. What is going on with her and what do you suggest we do or don't do?
Thank you!

Sounds like you've tried every distraction -- toys, music, talking to her. And you've tried to give her a more comfortable seat. I don't have any magic answers, but I want to tell you that my daughter was the same way. Turned out she got carsick, which we found out once she could talk. Over time, she got better. If you think this might be the case, I suggest getting a Sea-Band or similar anti-motion sickness treatment to combat nausea. I recommend really limiting your driving to whatever extent you can. Good luck!
Dr. Laura

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I have seen amazing improvement in my *very* angry 17 year-old son after acknowledging that there was a reason he was so angry and acting out. We have had several heartfelt conversations and I have seen a real change in how he treats his younger brother, and how he treats me.