Family Rules, Creed, Mission Statement?

Hello. I'm a mother of 2 and I am want to create a Family rules or laws or some sort of creed for our family to follow and go to when we need. I want to create something with generic rules for life or quotes that I can print and frame and hang on my wall. Any ideas?? Has anyone done something like this?

It's a great idea to write down your family "creed" and hang it somewhere to inspire both adult and children. What you DON'T want is a lot of "laws." Studies show that the families that are the healthiest and happiest don't actually have a lot of rules. They have simple, clear expectations for the way people treat each other, that both adults and children try to follow. So, simply "We treat each other with respect and kindness"could be part of your family creed.

If you do want rules to post, would always begin with your values. So if treating each other with compassion and kindness comes first, then the #1 Rule is "Be Kind." And I would keep the list of "guidelines" VERY short. This is not a legal document, but a guiding inspiration that can be committed to memory.

For something to frame, I think you are looking for a Family Mission Statement. If you google that term, you will find lots of examples. Stephen Covey is a great source on this. Good luck!

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My son said to me one day "pinky swear you won't yell anymore?" That broke my heart and made me realize that yelling only hurts everyone. Doesn't mean I am perfect, but it was a good reminder!