Questions About: School Age

5 year old and negative self talk
5 year old doesn’t want to do things for himself
5 year old explosive temper, hitting
5 Year Old has Tantrums During Sports Games
5 year old Threatening Other Kids: "I want you dead"
5 Year Old with Behavior Problems in Kindergarten
5 yr old wants to die because she's a girl
6 year old difficult, reaction to twin toddler siblings?
6 Year Old Obsessed with Sex, Potty Talk
6 Year Old with Explosive Temper
7 year old clingy, can't play alone, becoming disrespectful
7 year old doesn't eat at meals & won't sleep alone
7 year old hitting parents, tantrumming
7 Year Old- Negative Thinking, Complaining, Arguing
7 year old obsessed with pee
7 Year Old Over-Reacts to Setbacks, Minor Disappointments
7 year old with nighttime anxiety is afraid of the dark and going to sleep at bedtime.
8 Year Old Suspended for HittingTeacher
8 Year Old Tantrums - is this normal?
9 year old has panic attacks
Activities for kids to do without a lot of parental intervention
Adopted 5 Year Old Lacking Social Skills
Angry five year old
Anxious Child Spits Compulsively - Normal or OCD?
Appropiate age to talk about tooth fairy tale and other myths?
Are Your Kids Regressing? Yes, it's the pandemic. Here's what to do.
Bad dreams and Nightmares
Bedtime Routine for Kids Who Have a Hard Time Falling Asleep at Night
Best visitation schedule for shared custody?
Building an evening routine for kids of different ages
Child blames others for everything
Do I Comfort My 6 Year Old After Scolding Her?
Explaining Death to Children
Father who won't stand up for his own needs is raising holy terror
Frightening and Painful Medical Tests Traumatic for Kids?
Frustration over getting kids to do chores without reminding and nagging
Healing child after damage from harsh treatment and following Gina Ford
Helping a Child with Procrastination when Homework Takes Forever
Helping a child with stress
Helping child with fear of bees - Phobia?
Helping Children Through Chronic Illness
Helping Children with Compulsive Behavior
Holding Kids Back a Grade
How do I stop my six year old from playing with her poop?
How much help should parent give second grader with homework?
How much to push kids and how to help them through stage fright
How to Prepare 8 Year Old for New Step-Sibling?
How to raise responsible kids?
How to stop siblings fighting?
IEP for 7 year old with Tourettes, ADHD,OCD and Anxiety Disorder
Is 6 Year Old's Sexual Behavior Inappropriate?
Is It Wrong To Lie to Kids About Santa?
Is Spanking OK?
Kids Anxious about Family Move
Kids' grief over loss of pets -- and father
Kindergartener with special needs
Losing Patience with Adopted Kids
Medicating "High Maintenance" Child?
Mom discovers child has been sexually abused. What now?
Monster High Dolls
Only Child Guilt
Serious issues with 5 year old boy, Overwhelmed stepdad, new baby
Should kids listen to the other Dr. Laura's radio show?
Son with ODD and Explosive disorder is Abusive to Mom
Starting a Family Routine
The Inner Compass: Reframing the Traffic Light Rewards/Punishment System Used In School
The Link Between Diet and Behavior
Undue Attention vs Real Needs?
Using Positive Parenting in Coaching my Child's Sports Team
Why don't you believe in Timeouts?

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