Audio FAQs: Saving & Listening to Files

There are a few options to listen to audio files on the Aha! Parenting website and Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Online Course. Whether you stream an audio right from our site, or plan to download for later listening, these steps will help.

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If you have an internet connection (or mobile phone service), you can simply stream the audio file, using the orange PLAY button.

 Important Note: You will always need to initially access the audio file when you DO have an internet connection (or mobile service) from your phone or tablet in order to download it first. After completing the following steps, you will be able to listen on your mobile device when offline.

Many mobile devices and tablets can stream, but cannot download files from a website. If that's your situation, you can still listen offline if you download the audio files via the Dropbox App. We provide Dropbox-ready audio files to make it easier for people to listen from their mobile device and/or tablet while offline.

Use these 3 steps to listen offline via the Dropbox App:

Step 1:  Download the Dropbox App from your device, and create a free account

Step 2:  Save the file to Dropbox

Click the "Save to Dropbox" button below the audio file. You'll be prompted to log in to your Dropbox account (or create a free account). Once logged in, select the folder you'd like to save the audio file to on your Dropbox account, then click Save. At this point, the audios are accessible on Dropbox from within their mobile app (or on the Dropbox website).

Some users prefer, that when listening to multiple audio files on a phone from our site, to download them to the Dropbox app, even when listening with an internet connection. To make the files available offline, complete the next step. 

Step 3:  Make files available offline

From within the Dropbox app on your device, make your Aha Parenting audio files available offline (so you can listen even when you don't have an internet connection). Here are instructions from Dropbox on how to make your files available offline>>

 Important Note: You will always need to initially access the audio file with an internet connection from your computer in order to download it first. After completing these steps, you will be able to use any audio player on your computer to listen to the audio file.

Step 1: Visit the web page from your computer, that has the file you'd like to save.

While visiting the site from your computer click the "Save To Computer" button below the audio file.

Step 2: Download the File

After clicking "Save To Computer", a NEW window will open on your browser (similar to what's pictured below). You will need to "right click" ON the audio file to "Save As". (You may also have the option to click a down arrow to download if your browser provides one.) If your browser settings do not allow this NEW window to open, please try another browser.

Step 3: Save the File

Your computer will prompt you to select a location on your computer's hard drive to save the audio. You may now use any audio player on your computer to listen to the audio file later when you may not have an internet connection.


Not at all. If you download to your computer, you can use any audio player you'd like. If you prefer to listen via your mobile device or tablet, you can always stream from your browser. Dropbox just makes it possible to listen offline using your mobile device or tablet, by downloading your audios via the Dropbox App.

No! A basic Dropbox account is free, and holds up to 2GB--which is plenty of space for several of our audio files. You can keep the audios you are actively listening to in your free account, and save the rest to your computer for later.

Yes! We know parents get interrupted a lot! The Dropbox app for mobile or tablet will remember your place. So if you have to leave the app and come back, it will start playing where you left off. This does not apply if you are listening to the audio in Dropbox in your web browser.

When you save to Dropbox, it saves to a default folder in your Dropbox account called "Saves". You can designate a different folder to save them to, but if you don't, they should appear in the "Saves" folder of your Dropbox account.

If you need additional assistance, please let our support team know here.