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Connecting with Your Child


Want to be a great parent?  Want to raise a happy, healthy, well-behaved kid?  Want to live in a home where discipline becomes unnecessary?  The secret is to create a closer connection with your child.  

Your relationship with your child is not only the most important part of parenting, it's what makes it possible to parent effectively. Kids only cooperate because of who we are to them.

All parents need to repeatedly reconnect with their children, just to repair the daily erosion created by life’s normal separations and distractions. Effective parenting is almost impossible until the positive connection with your child has been re-established, so think of this as preventive maintenance. 

This MP3 includes:

  • Connecting with your older child when you also have a little one.

  • What is empathy? How do you use it when you set limits?  How do you help your child develop empathy?

  • How to stay connected to your child when she's upset.

  • How to reconnect when your child is angry at you and distancing from you.

  • How to stay connected with your preteen.

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