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How to Stop Yelling at Your Child - Part 1


Do wish you could be one of those calm, patient parents who doesn't yell? 

It isn't easy to stop yelling.  You can desperately want to, and still find yourself hurting your child and driving him away.  But if you know that you want to stop yelling, I assure you that it's completely possible -- no matter how ingrained it is.  It's not rocket science. It takes about three months. Like learning the piano, you start playing scales today, you practice daily, and soon you can pick out simple tunes. In a year you can play a sonata.

Will it be hard to stop yelling?  Yes. It doesn't happen as if by magic. It takes constant, daily effort.  No one can do it for you. But I've seen hundreds of parents do it.

Think you could do it if you just had a little support?  Or do you have no idea where to begin and really can't imagine not yelling? 

Whether you yell once an hour or once a month, I promise you can become a parent who doesn't yell.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it possible?  Absolutely. I've seen hundreds of ordinary parents do it.

Whether you're having trouble with bedtime or the grocery store, your preschooler hitting your toddler or bedlam at the dinner table, here's your chance to find out how YOU can stop yelling.

What you'll learn:
1. Why yelling at your kids sabotages the good things you do as a parent.
2. What's wrong with strict parenting?
3. What's wrong with permissive parenting?
4. What do kids really need from parents to grow up responsible, considerate and happy?
5. How to help kids WANT to behave.
6. How to set limits that work, BEFORE you start yelling.
7. The most important factors that make us yell at our kids.
8. How to behave so your kid will too.
9. Ten tools to stay calm.
10. What to do when your kid drives you crazy.

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