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Parenting Your Terrible, Terrific, Toddler!


So your precious infant has somehow grown into a walking (or at least toddling), talking (or at least trying to string three words together) human being, who enchants you with his big heart and drives you crazy with his mule-headedness.  

Toddlerhood actually starts at around 14 months when babies begin toddling around, and ends at 36 months, when they become preschoolers. 

It's a stage that's famous for kids being challenging to manage. Toddlers can be a handful, but if you can see things from his perspective, and support him as he takes his first steps into autonomy, toddlerhood can transform from terrible to terrific!

In this audio (one hour and 20 minutes), you'll learn:

    • What's going on in your todder's brain?
    • Specific suggestions to live peacefully with a toddler
    • Your toddler's developmental tasks
    • What your toddler needs from you.
    • Why toddlers need routines.
    • How to handle tantrums.
    • How to maximize your fun with this terrific little person, and minimize the aggravation!

    From listeners:

    "My daughter is being so much more cooperative now! She even gets in her carseat without a fight, and it used to be such a battle." - Julie

    "Thank you so much for your talk on Toddlers!  Your comments on brain development taught me new information that is very useful in understanding what makes my son tick.  I can't wait to try your suggestions for what to say to him and how to make things go smoother." -- Tammy

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