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Friends for Life - Great Sibling Relationships


Friends for Life - Help Your Kids Develop a Great Relationship

  • 5 Ways Parents Can Help siblings develop a great relationship
  • How to reduce sibling competition
  • Helping kids with clashing temperaments live together
  • Help your kids develop empathy for each other
  • Why not to force apologies and what to do instead
  • When to intervene, and when to help kids work it out for themselves.
  • How to handle fights and hitting.
  • How to help your children learn the skills they need to solve their own problems with each other.
  • Practical suggestions for handling daily life conflicts between children.
Had enough of "He Hit Me Back First!....That's Not Fair!.....Mom Loves You More!"?

Heal sibling rivalry to help your children develop a deep, close, lasting bond....Help your kids learn how to work it out themselves....Tools, tips and strategies for living peacefully.

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