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20 Covid-Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Yes, Halloween will be different this year, and your child may be worrying about that. But why not use this as a chance to invent some new traditions that bring your family closer? There can still be costumes and candy. And it's a great opportunity to enjoy working with your child to create some delicious scary family fun. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Pick one or two so you can enjoy without feeling overwhelmed. You can pare them back and make them as simple as you want. The point is connection, not emulating Martha Stewart (who has a staff and no kids at home). As long as there's laughter and hugs, you're on the right track.

  1. Have a Halloween Candy Hunt in your darkened home with flashlights or glow sticks, instead of trick or treating.
  2. Carve Pumpkins.
  3. Work with your child to make a Halloween playlist.
  4. Bob for Apples.
  5. Work together to make a simple haunted house in a room in your home, with glow-in-the-dark spider decals, eyeballs and worms in a bowl (peeled grapes and spaghetti), toilet paper wrapped mummies, ghosts made of sheets.
  6. Record a "spooky" outgoing message on your voicemail with your child.
  7. Bake pumpkin bread together.
  8. Decorate your home or yard together.
  9. Work with your child to create a creepy zoom background.
  10. Make Creepy Crawly Cups together: Put gummy worms in small clear cups and pour in Jello. 
  11. Have a virtual costume parade with friends and extended family.
  12. Make glow-in-the-dark slime.
  13. Play Halloween bingo.
  14. Play pin-the-face-on-the-pumpkin.
  15. Tie donuts to a string at mouth level, and have a donut-eating race.
  16. Decorate Covid Face Masks for Halloween and wear them every day!
  17. Light candles and tell scary stories in the dark. 
  18. Have a Halloween pinata.
  19. Snuggle up for a Family Spooky Movie Night.
  20. What if your child insists on trick or treating? Take them on a walk through your neighborhood, and for every decorated house you see, let them reach into the bag you're carrying and grab a piece of candy!

Who knows? Your kids might love your new Halloween tradition so much that it will become part of your festivities even when they can trick or treat again!

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