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A Simple Way To Feel Better Fast

“Practice being grateful for what you have, rather than focusing on what's missing. Look at what's working in your life rather than what's not working. Practice being grateful for the small, wonderful things that happen to you every day, and this will automatically shift your attention from problems to joy, from stress to inner peace.” -- Jan Marie Dorr

Research shows that the practice of gratitude makes people happier.  The simple act of letting ourselves feel grateful stills our inner critic and floods us with love.

Starting now, why not take every opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate others, especially your own child?

The sparkle in the eyes of a friend that lights up your heart...
The touch of a loved one that nourishes your spirit...
But also the farmer who grew the food that you eat.
At this very moment you are surrounded by angels.
A pediatrician is a phone call away to help you keep your child healthy
Teachers, babysitters, extended family all love and guide your child
There is always help available.
Even during hard times there is always so much to be grateful for
Most of the time, we take this for granted.

But today, let’s express our love and gratitude for all that we are given
Including, of course, your own child.
Growing, developing, becoming a person who will bless the earth with his or her presence.

Start right now.
Take a few minutes and silently acknowledge to yourself some of the people whose contributions to your life you especially appreciate.
Make sure you spend a minute listing all the things you love about your child.

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