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Video discussion on sibling fighting with Andrea Nair

 Today on my virtual book tour, I (virtually) went to Canada, to talk by video with Parenting Educator Andrea Nair. Andrea blogs at http://www.andreanair.com/and at the Yummy Mummy Club.  Enjoy this video and learn some tips about how to help your kids learn to work things out without attacking each other.

"'Your ability to enjoy your child may be the most important factor in his development'.......I remember staring at this quote in Dr Markham's book. She is so right. If I can stop myself from hurting/ scaring my child or continually being on my child's back when they need direction, I won't be contributing to their negative self-talk. Children push away from their parents when they experience too much wounding from them. Do you like to be around people who are continually on your case? Neither do your children."

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