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Is Peaceful Parenting Worth It?

"Dr. Laura....You said in a recent post: 'Would you work harder to stay calm, if you knew it would change your child? It will.' But sometimes it seems like my kids only listen when I raise my voice. And you admit that this kind of parenting is really hard work. It also seems risky. What if my kids don't learn to be good people? And, to be honest, you are biased about this. So I would like to hear from real parents who have tried to parent this way and think it is worth it." -- Kevin

I get some version of this question on a regular basis: Does Peaceful Parenting really work?

Of course, I AM a real parent. And my bias comes from seeing thousands of parents transform their families, as well as from reading the research. But Kevin is right. He needs to hear from other parents who aren't psychologists. Is all this hard work to parent peacefully really worth it?

So to answer Kevin's question, I decided to ask the real parenting expert: YOU.

I know, because you read these posts, that you're committed to being the best parent you can be. I know, because you're human, that you're still a work in progress, like the rest of us. But I'm betting that you make an effort, when you can, to use these tips. And I'm hoping that at least sometimes, you see a positive result!

So today, I have a question for you. Has the Peaceful Parenting approach been helpful to you? Is so, would you send me your success story?

You know first hand how hard parenting is, and how heroic it can be simply to choose love. Sharing your example is like holding out your hand for another parent to hold. The more specific you can be in your example of a time when peaceful parenting worked for you, the more helpful your response will be to other parents.

You can scroll down and post a comment. Or send an email with the heading "Success Story" to DrLauraMarkham@AhaParenting.com. I will then share your stories here, for Kevin and all the other parents who wonder if this approach really works and whether the hard work is worth it. (I won't use last names. And if you don't want even your first name used, just let me know.) 

Thank you for taking the time! Together, we are changing the world, one child at a time, by supporting parents.


Photo Credit: David Markham. That's my great-nephew Max with me in the photo!

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