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Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Online Course

I hear from parents every day. Many write to share success stories about how using the peaceful parenting approach is transforming their family. Those notes make my day!

But I also hear daily from parents who write to me pleading for more support. And the truth is, we ALL need support to do our best. There's no shame in reaching out for help. In fact, that's our responsibility, so we can give our children the best of ourselves.

So if you've ever wished for more support to be the parent you try to be, I want to make sure that you know about my online course. This is a self-paced course that gives parents daily support. The parents who take it say it transforms their families.

It only takes twelve weeks to rewire your brain, giving you more access to calm and compassion. So this course begins that process. But most of us will need to work on ourselves for the rest of our lives. So this course never expires.

The self-paced, online Course includes:

  • 60 short daily meditations designed to rewire your brain.
  • A weekly audio that teaches you how to transform your parenting, including the theory, the words to say to turn those tough interactions around, and the tone of voice that creates connection.
  • Two live calls with me, to ask your own parenting questions.
  • A copy of my book,
  • Weekly journal prompts to teach you to set effective limits, create connection, and regulate your own emotions.
  • Weekly exercises to put these ideas into practice with your child.
  • Three hour-long audios on how to create a terrific parenting partnership with your significant other, including how to work through conflicts in ways that make you closer).
  • Numerous bonuses, including a private Facebook support group with other parents who have taken this Course.

And if you wish you and your partner could get on the same page with your parenting, you'll be glad to know that when you enroll, your partner gets full participation in the course at no charge.

The next Course begins in April, so registration is only open for a little while longer. (The next Course will be offered in September.) If you want more support for your parenting, I hope to see you there!

Want more info about this Course? Here's the link!

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Peaceful Parent Happy Kids Online Course
Peaceful Parent Happy Kids Online Course
  • 12 weeks of practical support & tools
  • Live Group Call with Dr. Laura
  • 60 audio inspirations & Private FB group

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Peaceful Parent,
Happy Kids Workbook

Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings

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