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"Dr Laura...You write faster than I can read! Seriously, I can't keep up with your blog posts. Could you occasionally send a video or audio instead of a written post?" - David

Today, I have a terrific skill-building video for you: my Masterclass from the Positive Parenting Conference. It's available free for 24 hours only, so if you have a chance to watch today, don't miss it. In this 3-part Class, we cover:

  • How to boost our children's emotional intelligence through connection.
  • The importance of our own emotional regulation for calm engagement with our children.
  • Why "controlling" our child is impossible and how to coach our children through listening --- and more!

This Masterclass is part of the 4th Annual Positive Parenting Conference, organized by Sumitha Bhandarkar of A Fine Parent. There's a terrific lineup of speakers, and Sumitha is such a smart interviewer. So even if you miss the opportunity to watch my interview today for free, there are 16 Masterclasses over the next week for you to enjoy, and the Conference includes some catch-up days when all the interviews are available for free.


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