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Toddler Approved: How to Keep Sibling Fights from Spinning Out of Control

Today on my virtual book tour, I'm visiting with Kristina at Toddler Approved.com. Kristina says:

      "When fighting starts in our house my brain typically feels like it has turned off and I can't think clearly at all. My heart starts to race and I get a rush of adrenaline and feel really angry and frustrated. I hate fighting... especially over toys! Fighting also sometimes gets paired with running around the house which drives me bonkers! I feel like the world is spinning out of control......My response to sibling fighting often involves raising my voice and sending kids off into their own little areas of the house by themselves so that they won't bother one another any more. I usually wind up feeling frustrated and sad that I didn't help the kids communicate or resolve anything better... and then the moment passes... and we cycle through the same process again later in the day."

Sound familiar?! That's why I wrote Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings! As Kristina explains, WE, the parents, are not powerless when it comes to curbing sibling fighting. We actually have tremendous influence on whether conflicts calm quickly, or spin out of control.

What can we do? Always begin by making sure that WE are calm BEFORE we intervene in a sibling fight. The truth is, it usually isn't an emergency. It just feels like one. But when we're upset, we're in "fight or flight" and our children look like the enemy. When we take a deep breath and remind ourselves that it isn't an emergency and this is a chance to teach kids skills to get along, everyone calms down and our kids can learn what we're teaching.

I know. Tall order.  But that's why the book gives you the tools to re-center yourself, to teach your kids to regulate themselves, and to create a family culture of kindness.

Read more of Kristina's post at her fabulous Toddler Approved website, as she shares talks her reactions to my book, and her favorite tip for stopping sibling fighting that she's now using. Don't miss the chance to win a copy of Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings in her book giveaway!




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