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What's the most precious thing you own?

"Time is the most precious thing you own... Quantity time matters just as much, if not more, than quality time. While it’s okay to take your kids to Disneyland, it isn’t a substitute for good parenting. Parents need to be there--they need to be a witness to their children’s lives. That means creating good times, but more importantly, it means being there when things are tough. It means being an active participant in your child’s everyday struggles. " -- Laura Ramirez

The most precious thing you own is your life.  Which means your time.  Do you fritter it away on the internet, or one more work call or volunteer obligation? 

Or do you share it generously with those you love?  Lavish it on your kids?  Connect with your partner deeply enough to touch your soul?  Make sure you get plenty of juicy time to replenish yourself?

The good news is that you -- only you -- are in charge of what you do with your time, your life.  The bad news is that only you are responsible for how you spend your time, and you never know how much you'll get.

When your kids are grown and busy with their own lives, will you be happy with how you spent your precious time with them as they were growing up? 

At the end of your life, will you be happy with how you spent your one precious life?

Anything you want to do differently this weekend?

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