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Would you like to try a more gentle form of discipline but you aren't sure how? Parents who spank, yell, or use timeouts and "consequences" as threats are often disbelieving when they hear that there are families who never hit, never use timeouts, and rarely raise their voices to their children. 

But you shouldn’t need to use these methods of discipline, and if you're using them now, you'll probably be quite relieved to hear that not only can you wean yourself away from them, but your children will be better behaved as a result.

In this 90 page workbook, you'll develop your own plan to put positive discipline to work in your house. 


What Parents are Saying:

"This ebook was awesome! I loved what I was reading and wanted to read more, your books are like an epiphany for me." - Christie

"Thank You, Dr. Laura for the ebook about positive discipline. I am so grateful to have just found your inspiration and wisdom. My heart is open from feeling the love and support you give. I am thankful for help in raising children who are loved and happy. With immense gratitude..."--  Danielle

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Everything you need to know to help your child WANT to cooperate, without yelling, threats, bribes or punishment.




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