Books to Help You Explain Death To Children

Death is one of the great mysteries of life. Each of us will lose loved ones throughout our lives, and each of us will die. Yet few of us talk about death. And most of us find ourselves at a loss when we're faced with explaining death to our children, especially at a time when we're grieving ourselves.

Books can be a tremendous help in explaining death to our children. Seeing that others have experienced loss helps kids to feel less alone with the trauma of losing a loved one, whether that be a parent or even a pet. Re-reading the same book over and over often gives kids an opportunity to process their grief, sometimes by talking and crying, sometimes simply by feeling.

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Books to Help You Explain Death to Children Books to Help You Explain Death to Children (55 KB)

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Thank YOU so much for your encouraging emails and Facebook posts!!! Since I began this process, I have noticed a difference in the compassion I show to myself, and how much more that helps me connect with my kids. We are all feeling a lot more overall peace.


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