Rituals and Traditions That Bring Families Closer

Extraordinary moments often masquerade as ordinary life. So look around the pandemonium and remind yourself to be grateful for every minute you get to spend with your children as they grow. These years pass more quickly than we can imagine, and when kids look back, these are the memories that will define family for them.

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Why Do Families Need Rituals?

Why do we need rituals? It's primal. They help us move emotionally from one place to another; they ease pain, acknowledge growth, and create connection.

"The goal of rituals is connection. Rituals create sacred space designated for togetherness and unity."
-Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D.

Autumn Holiday Rituals that Nurture Family Connection

Extraordinary moments often masquerade as ordinary life. So look around the pandemonium and remind yourself to soak it all in and smile.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Want your kids to learn about gratitude? Want to add some meaning back into the holiday and help your kids discover the gratitude attitude on which Thanksgiving is founded?

December: Meaningful Traditions for Families

December traditions to look forward to every year, with not an obligation among them.

8 Tips for Busy Families to Reclaim the Holidays

Making Merry, Making Meaning:Eight Tips for Busy Families to Reclaim the Holidays

Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays without tears. Yes, it is possible!

Help Your Child Discover His Inner Angel

Let your kids make a “Wish List” of all the ways they’d like to make the world a better place. Then let each person in the family choose one thing to do to address one of those issues...

Great Homemade Presents to Make With Kids

Making presents with your kids is one of the pleasures of the holiday season. Who cares how it comes out? Take photos of your child making the present and Grandma will think it's priceless.

New Year's Traditions for Families

In the United States, New Years is not a family holiday.  Too often it's an adults-only event, more focused on alcohol than reflection, no deeper than watching TV waiting for the ball to drop so we can kiss the one we're with. But kids are actually fascinated by the passage of time, which seems magical to them. They LOVE the idea of a new year, a fresh start, a celebration of life.  And every family deserves the regular opportunity to pause and consider their life.  Why not celebrate the new year with your family?

Valentines Day Traditions for Families

Married with Kids? Valentines Day is for Families Too!   Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, because it celebrates the purpose of life.  No, not chocolate, LOVE!   We all need to be cherished. And despite our good intentions, most of us don't tell our spouses, children, or other loved ones often enough just how precious they are to us. If we can resist the commercialization, Valentines Day can be a wonderful opportunity to remind all of our loved ones (not only our sweethearts) how glad we are that they're in our lives.   Want some ideas to celebrate Valentines Day, when you’re too busy, too broke, and maybe even too harried to remember that you really adore these people you live with? 

10 Tips to Make This the Best Summer Ever with Your Kids

Are your kids already telling you they're bored? It's never too late to make this the best summer ever with your kids. It doesn't take travel or a lot of money. Whether you're looking for great activities to connect with your kids or trying to find that sweet lazy summer afternoon, here are seven simple tips to make this summer your best summer ever with your kids.

Family Vacation Survival Guide

Kids love vacations with extended family. They follow the older cousins around like puppies, and forge lifelong bonds with those their own age. These are the golden experiences that shape rich childhood memories. But kids also stay up late, get disconnected from parents, and melt down from the overload. I call it Family Vacation Stress Syndrome. (Of course, parents often experience their own version.) Even if it's just your own family on vacation, disrupted schedules, traveling, and the crash and burn from all the excitement can easily be a recipe for tears and tantrums. How can parents manage life during the vacations to maximize the joy and minimize the tears?

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