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Calming Anxiety and Helping Children Feel Safe (Audio)

Children are very sensitive to the fear that's swirling around them. They worry about invisible germs, or dangerous demonstrations, or that police officers might be hurtful instead of helpful. They worry that we might die, or their grandparents might die. Or maybe they develop unrelated fears, like sleeping in their bed alone, or that a bee might sting them. Maybe they simply cling, and insist on being on our lap, even to the point of pushing their sibling out. Maybe they regress, having potty accidents, whining or collapsing into helplessness. Or maybe you don’t see anxiety directly, but your child becomes demanding and difficult or aggressive.

All these responses are about being in the grip of fear. You can call it anxiety, or worry, or a full backpack, but it’s all fear. If your child tended to be a bit anxious before the pandemic, you can expect to see lots more anxiety now.

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In this hour-long audio, learn how to:

  • Help your child feel safe, even when you feel a bit anxious yourself.
  • Answer your child's questions about Covid-19.
  • Manage your own anxiety. 
  • Daily habits to reduce your child's anxiety.
  • Skills to teach your child to manage their thoughts when they get anxious.
  • Skills to teach your child to retrain their brains for more calm.
  • How you can use therapeutic play with your child.

What Parents are Saying

"Just finished listening to your audio on Helping Children Feel Safe. It is awesome! Thank you!" - Raquel Martinez Motos

"I tend to be a bit anxious myself, and I found this audio to be so helpful in managing my own anxiety." - Haley Cavanaugh

"My son has been impossible since the whole lockdown started. Last night is the first night he fell asleep easily. I am beyond grateful." - Elizabeth Bradshaw

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