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Playful Parenting: Create a Closer Bond with Your Child Through Play

Guest: Dr. Larry Cohen, author of Playful Parenting


Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the author of PLAYFUL PARENTING, discusses how parents can create a closer bond with their child through play. Topics covered include:

  • The parent-child bond: how to stay connected, and heal from disconnection.
  • The healing role of crying for babies, toddlers and children – and how parents can best help them.
  • How humans discharge tension and difficult emotions – and how to help your child do so.
  • The “Stay-listening” technique to help your child with difficult emotions
  • The best way to deal with tantrums
  • What is going on with kids when they look right at us and do exactly what we've told them not to? – and how should parents respond?




Aha Parenting Moment: Nurturing emotional development creates happier, healthier, more responsible, considerate kids.


Listener Question: How to get a resistant toddler to take a nap



Guest Bio: Dr. Cohen is a licensed psychologist specializing in children's play and play therapy.  All of his work -- with children, parents, couples, abuse survivors, and families -- has pointed him towards writing about human connections.  In addition to his private therapy practice, he is also a speaker and consultant to public and independent schools, and a teacher of parenting classes and classes for daycare teachers.

Dr. Cohen's most recent book, Roughhousing, was co-authored with Anthony DeBenedet.  Dr. Cohen is also the co-author, with Michael Thompson and Catherine O'Neill Grace, of Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Friendship, Popularity and Social Cruelty in the Lives of Boys and Girls, and Mom, They're Teasing Me: Helping Children Solve Social Problems.


Dr. Cohen is the author of numerous published articles. His regular column in Nick Jr. Magazine was the winner of the 2003 Golden Lamp award from Education Press, and he also answers parents' questions online at NickJr.com. His treatment innovations have included the first groups in the country for husbands and boyfriends of sexual abuse survivors, as well as one of the first therapy groups for male survivors of sexual abuse.

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