This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Wright Glenn, founder of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath and Death, about what it means to hold space for ourselves -- for all of our humanness -- in the age of a global pandemic. We asked:

  • What do YOU need during this time?
  • How can you support yourself and your family and those you love?
  • How can we cope with fear?
  • Is the goal fearlessness? If not, how can we accept our fear, and steady it?
  • What does courage look like in the Age of the Coronavirus?

In this conversation, Amy and I explore how each one of us can find our courage in a time of infectious fear. I hope you'll find this conversation a source of strength as you face whatever your life brings this week.

This photo is of Amy Wright Glenn and her son. Amy is one of my favorite people and I highly recommend her Circle of Care, which is designed to help participants hold space for ourselves, now, in the age of a global pandemic. Amy is trained as a Chaplain and a Doula, and I would trust her with the hardest of human situations. In her Coronavirus Circle of Care, she is specifically focusing on:

  • loss/grief
  • difficult change
  • supporting loved ones (especially children)
  • boosting immunity/ self care
  • death care at hospitals or at home

If you think some extra support would help you get through all the changes of this challenging time, do read about Amy's Circle of Care to see if it sounds like a good fit. (You should know that I don't receive an affiliate payment or any other compensation for this recommendation. I just love Amy's work and trust her to hold the space we all need -- to grow, to grieve, to die, and to give birth to the best in ourselves.)

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