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Toddler Throwing Toys

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Dr. Laura

Do you have an article on dealing with toddlers throwing toys? Not out of anger, just curiosity, but things are breaking!


Toddlers need to throw things! The best way to stop them from throwing inappropriate things is to have daily opportunities to throw other things, under your supervision. Throw the stuffed animals over the bannister or into the tub. Throw beanbags into a waste basket. Throw rocks into the pond or over a fence into the woods.

And of course, you stay attentive so that when he reaches for things that shouldn't be thrown, you redirect him: "Trucks aren't for throwing....Here, you can throw the pillow."

And if he's throwing because he's upset or in a power struggle with you, then you help him with those underlying feelings so he doesn't have to work them out by throwing.

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