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Using Positive Parenting in Coaching my Child's Sports Team

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My husband is coaching my sons baseball team (ages 7-9). This year he is really working on using the positive parenting skills but is having trouble transferring to the kids on the baseball team. There is a real problem getting the kids to focus (or at least stop goofing around) during practice and also in the dugout during games when it's our turn to bat.

Please help!! He wants the kids to have a good time but to also be respectful without making them run lots of laps as punishment.


I'm not an expert on coaching kids, but I'd say:

1. Talk with the group as a whole about expected behavior. Ask questions. Why is this the best behavior in the situation? What are the ramifications of not using this behavior? Write down the agreements -- there should not be many -- that the team members are making to each other and to the coach.

2. Ask the kids how the group as a whole can work as a team to be sure they are all focusing?

3. Kids follow presence. That means that if your husband turns his warmth and connection on those kids, they won't want to disappoint him.

Good luck!

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