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Humanity Family Bed Co-Sleeping Pad

I think this bolster is essential for cosleeping.  Keeps baby safely on Mom's side of the bed for nighttime nursing, without any risk of falling off.  This also lets parents stay covered under their blankets, without covering the baby.  Also lets you cosleep with a second child on the other side of you.  The pillow can also double as a body pillow during pregnancy.  Highly recommended.


Sleep Soother - Whisbear Baby Sound Machine

Like most sleep soothers, this one emits the white noise that research shows is soothing to babies. And like most soothers, this one operates for 40 minutes and then switches off to save the battery. But some sleep soothers actually wake the baby when they go silent because of the change in sound. With this soother, if the baby wakes again, the sound goes on for an additional 20 minutes, which helps the baby go back to sleep. You can also adjust the sound volume. Cuddly plush with rustling ears. Safely attach it to a crib, car seat or stroller with securely sewn in magnets. One drawback -- it doesn't have a heartbeat or music, only the white noise.

Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set

"Balls, which roll and bounce, are an excellent source of information and useful play objects for a child. Children at all developmental levels can use their budding skills to chase a rolling ball."
- Magda Berger

Balls are terrific for babies and toddlers. These balls are even better, because they encourage sensory exploration. One of the balls is made of soft brightly patterned cloth, one is a squeezable bumpy teether (BPA free) and one is a ball within a ball that is visually interesting and makes a chime noise when it shakes, rattles and rolls. Any little creeper would be motivated to pull himself along to get his hands on these balls.

2011 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award and Snap Award

Haba Ballino

What a terrific concept for a ball for baby! The Ballino made in Germany by Haba has a stack of 6 colorful discs that bend, clap, and roll. You'll find yourself playing with this natural wooden toy, and your baby will delight in rattling and rolling the ball too! Bright water-based paints were used to coat the maple wood Ballino. From Bella Luna toys, so you can count on great customer service.

Haba Walker Wagon

This is my favorite walker for little ones because:

It's so sturdy..... It lends itself to imaginary play.....It encourages interactive play as kids love to push each other around in it. It also has a long life. It's good for babies as soon as they can pull to standing, because you can adjust the built-in brakes to be sure it won't run away with your little walker. And preschoolers still love to play with it. Rubber tires on the wooden rims ensure quiet operation. It has storage space for those essentials when your toddler goes adventuring.

For a bit more money, also check out the Haba Pushing Car (below) if your child is vehicle -obsessed.

Haba Pushing Car

Is there anything better than the Haba Walker Wagon (see above)? Yes, for vehicle-obsessed kids. A walker-car! A bit more money, but it has the added benefit that kids can push each other around in it, so it's a bit easier for them to share!

  • Car designed walker for toddlers
  • Features smooth rolling, stable rubber wheels
  • Fabric cushion is removable for cleaning
  • Constructed of natural hardwoods

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Why are these teethers by Vulli so great?

  • Phthalates and BPA free
  • Facilitate baby development
  • Numerous parts to chew and play safely
  • Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint

Cotton Nursing Necklace

Nursing necklaces give babies something to do with their hands, so they don't make a habit of pulling your hair, digging in your armpit, or twiddling the other nipple. If you're tired of swatting their hands away from your necklaces or you've put your necklaces up altogether, a Mommy Necklace can also be functional, purpose-serving jewelry for you, with the added benefit that they're a great distraction for a fussy little one. This cotton ring feels so natural in baby's hand -- like your hair!

  • For Newborns and Babies up to 10 months.
  • Convenient size, easy for baby to hold.
  • High quality 100% cotton thread, BPA free.
  • Doesn't cause an allergic reaction.

Moby Wrap 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier

Why is the Moby such a highly rated baby carrier?

  • Uses the entire back and shoulders to the distribute weight
  • Wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders
  • Keeps baby warm while freeing both hands
  • Develops a strong and secure attachment to parents
  • Can be used for a preemie to 35 pounds child

Natursutten Pacifier

  • No bisphenol - A (BPA), phthalates, PVC, or artificial coloring
  • Larger shield touches baby's nose, more closely simulating breast-feeding
  • Complies with safety standards EN1400 and CPSIA
  • Softer than silicone and won't leave marks on baby's face
  • Patented, easy to clean, one piece design eliminates cracks where bacteria can hide

Anti-Nausea Seaband for Children

Does your child cry in the carseat? Maybe she's car sick! Many moms swear by the Seaband, a great remedy for carsickness.

Advantages of Anti-Nausea Seaband for Children include:

  • Drug-free, so there are no side effects
  • Can be used in cars, on planes, on boats, on Ferris wheels (anywhere!)
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Safe for ages 3+

Earth Mama Baby Angel Baby Oil

With its blend of natural oils and organic herbal extracts, Earth Mama Angel Baby's Angel Baby Oil pampers your little one's delicate skin. The gentle oil absorbs easily, making it ideal for infant massage, cradle cap, or moisturizing dry, sensitive skin in children of all ages. Angel Baby Oil is rated zero for toxicity on the Skin Deep database, so it's safe for everyone from babies to nursing mothers. 

  1. Grapeseed and organic jojoba oils absorb easily
  2. Chamomile calms cranky babies
  3. Calendula soothes and moisturizes dry skin
  4. Fragrance free, gluten-free

Lamaze Activity Toy, Freddie the Firefly

Perfect for hanging over the car seat to keep your baby happy while you drive. Designed by child development experts from Yale University, this plush toy offers visual, auditory and tactile interest. Sorry, can only be shipped within the US.


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