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Family Bed Co-Sleeping Pad

I think this bolster is essential for cosleeping.  Keeps baby safely on Mom's side of the bed for nighttime nursing, without any risk of falling off.  This also lets parents stay covered under their blankets, without covering the baby.  Also lets you cosleep with a second child on the other side of you.  The pillow can also double as a body pillow during pregnancy.  Highly recommended.


Recommended Books for Pregnancy and Birth

The accumulated experience and wisdom of generations of women is waiting for you.  Go ahead, put your feet up and enjoy a cup of herbal tea.  Just click here:  Recommended Books for Pregnancy and Birth

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil for Infant Massage

Calendula Baby Oil is naturally effective and helps add silky softness to a gentle infant massage. Extra moisturizing for dry skin and top of baby’s head too, if it’s dry and scaly. Calendula-infused grape seed baby oil blend moisturizes dry skin and scalp, with virtually no scent and without artificial fragrance or nut oils. Because baby skin comes out all-natural - let’s keep it that way!

Ingrid & Isabel Everyday Bellaband

Bellaband is a carefully constructed essential designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear and garments that slip down around a late-pregnancy belly. Spend less time thinking about your pants and enjoy flaunting your belly.

  • Seamless construction
  • Wear throughout and after pregnancy; specifically designed to expand and recover for pregnancy; high-density, ultra-soft knit blend
  • Adjustable; wear full-length or fold for extra hold; Fabric won't pill, fade or lose elasticity
  • Fragrance free, gluten-free

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin

Don't let the discomfort of sore nipples interrupt your nursing relationship. Liquid gold for breastfeeding mothers! Soothes, heals and protects dry, cracked nipples and other skin. Start using before delivery to condition skin (and great for stretchmarks, too.)

  • Endorsed in the US by LaLeche League International.
  • Safe for baby. Lansinoh does not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding.
  • Pure, hypoallergenic and completely natural.
  • Product of the United Kingdom.

Maternity Body Pillow

Most women find it challenging to get comfortable as the baby gets bigger. If you're used to sleeping on your back or your tummy, you'll have the added stress of learning to feel comfortable sleeping on your side. Support for your belly can make a big difference in maximizing your sleep. So while a body pillow for use just during pregnancy may seem like an extravagance, I recommend anything that gets you more sleep. (And many moms report that their body pillows find new lives as toddler snugglers, providing much more full-body comfort than a stuffed animal can for your little one.)

Can you make do by tucking regular pillows around you? Maybe. Experiment and see what you think. But if you find yourself unable to get comfortable, a maternity body pillow might be just what you need for a restful night's sleep, and I personally think that's well worth the money if you can swing it.

There are lots of different kinds of body pillows available, and which is best for you will depend on whether you want support for your back, hips and even neck, or just a lift for your belly. The best way to find one you like is to try them out at a local store. if that's not possible, read the reviews before you buy to see what other moms liked and didn't like about the various pillows.

I'm recommending the Leachco Back N Belly because it provides support for the back and belly at the same time. There are two contoured "legs" so you can sleep on your back or either side, tuck the end of the pillow between your knees, and elevate your head to ease heartburn. This pillow also aligns the hips to help ensure a natural position and relieve stress on joints.

  • Full-body pillow supports moms-to-be lying on either side or back
  • Unique design and shape supports back and belly and elevates head to help prevent reflux
  • Cozy, cuddly polyester pillow for firm support
  • Comes with custom pillowcase which can be removed for washing
  • Helps prevent sciatica, heartburn, carpal tunnel and nasal congestion

Miracle Ball

This healing kit contains two miracle balls and a fully illustrated book. The work itself is simple. Take a sore back: By resting your aching back on the grapefruit-sized balls and letting your body sink into them, you're unworking the muscles that hurt. Pain and tension drain out of the body. Elaine Petrone shows how proper breathing (which she demonstrates) works in conjunction with a range of unexercises that call for placing the balls under the back, head, knees, hip, elbow-wherever there's pain-and then resting, rolling, or rotating on them. She points out that relief can come in surprising ways: Lower back pain may be helped by placing the ball under your neck, or a bad knee might be helped by hip work. It's a revolutionary program of relief, from head to toe.

The Birth Ball - Birthing Ball for Pregnancy & Labor

Exercise balls help with back pain, and help shift the baby into the best birth position. They are also great for sitting when your big body can't get comfortable in a regular chair. This product comes with a birth ball, 18 Page Pregnancy Ball Exercises Guide by Trimester, andNon Slip Socks.


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