Recommended Products - School Age

Fort Magic Construction Kit

All kids love to build forts using blankets in the living room, but often kids get frustrated because their imagination so exceeds their available building materials, and the forts just collapse. Fort Magic to the rescue! This award-winning kit is expensive, but that's because it has so many parts, so children can really build cool structures. The kids I know who have it just keep using it day after day to build new things. Not just forts, but grocery stores, teepees, tunnels, submarines, castles and other fantasy structures, for use both indoor and out. Develops Critical Thinking, Engineering, Invention, Spatial Intelligence, Creativity, and FUN skills! Comes with a 24 page glossy full-color building manual.  

Kidcraft Dollhouse

Dollhouses are terrific for imaginative play. They're wonderful to help kids play out the emotions related to family issues ("Whoops....the pterodactyl just carried off the baby...too bad") and parents can even use them to initiate that kind of play. And many kids simply love them. (See also: Jupiter Workshop Modern Wood Dollhouse with Furniture below).

The Kidcraft Dollhouse:

  • Includes 19 pieces of furniture.
  • Two molded plastic staircases allow kids to continue the action on different floors.
  • Three levels of open space, Windows and doors that open and close
  • Solidly made, a great value for the money.

Jupiter Workshop Modern Wood Dollhouse with Furniture

  • Costs a bit more but is made of wood
  • Comes with a whopping 70 pieces of furniture, including patio furniture, a retro wall clock, computer, solar panels, recycling bins!
  • Only takes an hour to assemble, which you will really appreciate!
  • Solidly made, a great value for the money.

Air Power Soccer Disc- Indoor/Outdoor

Kids need to move.  When your child has too much energy, or can't pry himself away from a screen, how about a game of soccer or hockey?  It doesn't matter that the rain is pouring down.  This air power disc works anywhere.

Presenting the Air Power Soccer Disk, the amazing new disk that turns nearly any smooth surface into a sport court, indoors OR outdoors. Use it on low-pile carpeting, wood floors, sidewalks and driveways - there's just no end to the ways you can play. With its powerful hover action, the Air Power Soccer Disk literally floats on a cushion of air.

The disk's outer rim safely protects furniture and walls while allowing great rebounding. Just switch it on, place it onto any smooth surface, and a simple kick propels the disc for fast sports action indoors or out. -Kick It - Enjoy an exciting game of Air Soccer any time, any where. Stick It- Using a regular hockey stick, you can play full scale Air Hockey.  Bowl It - With the Air Power Soccer Diskand a few empty plastic bottles, you can convert your hallway into a bowling alley.

Anti-Nausea Seaband for Children

Does your child cry in the carseat? Maybe she's car sick! Many moms swear by the Seaband, a great remedy for carsickness.

Advantages of Anti-Nausea Seaband for Children include:

  • Drug-free, so there are no side effects
  • Can be used in cars, on planes, on boats, on Ferris wheels (anywhere!)
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Safe for ages 3+

Artterro Wire and Bead Art Kit

Inspiring project kit for ages 7 through early teen. Kids can make jewelry, twist and bend into cool sculptures or mobiles. Shape colorful wire into a large mobile adorned with beads, design many small sculptures, fashion a beautiful crown or create a unique creature. Includes a large variety of beautiful glass, wood and shell beads, marbles, thin and thick wire. Add your own "funky junk" to extend the life of this kit even further. Great for kids to make presents for their friends' birthdays.

  • Bonus project - box turns into art frame
  • Assembled in the United States at Goodwill
  • Smart eco packaging

Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers

I still remember my teacher saying to me "It looks like you have a puppy in your desk!" If you have a child who chews on her pencils, she needs these chewable pencil toppers.

  • Defeats destructive oral grinding
  • Lessens anxiety
  • Improves attention spans
  • Bacteria free when used properly
  • Excellent for use in therapy or school

Chewable Necklace

Does your child chew on his collar or sleeve when he gets anxious or excited? The solution is Chewelry! This necklace is great for boys or girls, and there are lots of designs.

  • Made from FDA approved food grade silicone
  • Phthalate, BPA, PVC, Latex and Lead free
  • 18" Safety Lanyard with instruction for cutting to size

Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

A fun and functional gift for gradeschoolers up through early teens, this silly sharpener makes a great stocking stuffer!

Glow In The Dark Wonder Stars

If you had stars on your ceiling as a child, you'll know how terrific these are. If you didn't, wait until you lie with your child in her dark room looking at her glowing ceiling! Relaxing as kids fall asleep. Even teenagers love them.

These stars have a Lifetime glow guaranteed by the manufacturer. 50 "glow in the dark" plastic stars of varying sizes, with adhesive. Made by Great Explorations.

Hanging Swing Chair by Harkla

All kids love cozy places. Kids with sensory issues are often calmed most easily when those cozy places swing. All kids will want this hanging chair in their room and find it soothing, but it is especially great for sensory seeking children.

"Swinging helps create a calm, relaxed sense of well-being, along with building a sense of balance and body control."

  • Comes with ceiling hooks, carabiner, and air pump
  • Safe up to 150 pounds.
  • 100% lifetime money-back guarantee


Indigo Dreams: Relaxation and Stress Management Bedtime Stories for Children

Wonderful, soothing relaxation cd for kids. The stories create beautiful and relaxing images and messages. Highly recommended for bedtime or anytime your child needs a little help to manage stress and anxiety. Produced by Lori Lite.

Just Dad and Me by Erin Falligant & Susan Walsh

From car games to contests to secret handshakes, this book is full of fun things for girls to do with their dads. They can punch out the paper airplanes and helicopters. They can tear out and share the notes and gift coupons. They can test their knowledge of each other with checklists made for two. And they can get to know each other even better with games and activities that are sure to leave them laughing.

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Jumping fun for everyone. Made from soft, durable foam is great for indoor and outdoor play and squeaks with every hop. The bungee stretches to accommodate children of all heights and can support up to 250 pounds. Kids and adults alike will have a hopping good time on the Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper. For ages 3 years and up.

  • Comfort grip handles
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • Fun for adults too

Max - A Cooperative Game

Players work together to get the creatures safely home before Max the cat gets them, and children learn to use logic, consultation and cooperative decision making in an exciting way. For 1 to 8 players ages 4 through 7 years.  Made in Canada using recycled boards and papers, soy-based inks, water based glues and safe paints.

Ooze Tube

Very calming for kids from toddlers to teens. (Works for frenzied adults, too!) If you sit with your child to watch this the first few times, and hand it to your child when she's over-excited, you'll find that she gravitates to it when she wants to calm herself down.

Peaceable Kingdom Fish Stix - The Game Where Every Fish Counts

In this game players match the fish, row by row - the more you match, the faster you go! Fish Stix is a visual strategy game that takes minutes to learn and is a different game every time you play. Each player starts the game with a score sheet from the score pad, a pen or pencil and 3 fish sticks. Take turns matching fish sticks and counting fish - the board grows as the game goes! The game can be played with or without strategy making it easier for different ages to play together!  For 2 to 4 players ages 6 to 12 years.

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure

In this game players try to beat the Ogre to the treasure by creating a path from start to finish. Along the way they need to collect three keys to open the treasure. Players strategize, cooperate and build a path together. If they do it before the Ogre gets there, they all win! For 2 to 4 players ages 5 years and older.

Children will learn:
- Strategy
- Math Grid Concepts
- Shared Decision Making
- Cooperation

Secret Door - A Cooperative Mystery Game

A mystery game! Valuables have been stolen, and we have to find them before midnight. Together players search through the mansion for clues. At midnight, the thieves may slip away with all the hidden booty! Children enjoy figuring out the mystery of what is behind the Secret Door. Because of the cooperative principle, everyone is part of a team that discusses ideas and shares strategies. Other important skills of memory and logic get a workout, too. Each game is different, exciting and tricky. That's why adults like playing along!

For 1 to 8 players ages 5 through 7 years. Made in Canada using recycled boards and papers, soy-based inks, water based glues and safe paints.


Snugbug - Improved Weighted Blanket

If you have a sensory seeking, restless child who has a hard time self-soothing to sleep, this may change your life. Weighted blankets can be terrific to calm kids who need that extra security, but they sometimes have a way of sliding off a restless child. This wrap slips over the mattress like a pillow case, so it can't come off. 

"Provides the same deep pressure input as that of a weighted blanket. By snugly securing the same type of material around her bed, I was able to help my daughter achieve the input, spacial, and body awareness her body was so desperately craving. The SnugBug works by providing the body with deep pressure input which provides an overall calming effect by increasing endorphin and serotonin production."


Spin Disk

Does your child love to spin? The Spin Disk lets kids spin inside or outside! Improves balance and coordination for all kids, but a must for kids who need the vestibular input of spinning. Allows children to lie down, sit, or kneel, while spinning. Daily use builds core muscles for overall pediatric development. Recommended by parents and occupational therapists. Unlike other older rotational devices, the Spin Disc has a larger oblong base (26"W x 24" L) that spins freely on an angle. For children or adults up to 125lbs.

Table Top Air Hockey Game

The challenge with preteens is that they stop playing pretend games, and get glued to their screens. When friends come over, they start giggling over youtube videos instead of playing physical games or even board games. But everyone loves air hockey. It's exciting, fun, and cool enough to get preteens of both genders engaged.

  • Table Dimensions: 40in L x 20in W x 8in H (Weight - 20lbs)
  • 1/2in Thick L-Style Legs with Non-Marking Pads to Protect Table and Floor Surfaces
  • Single 110V Electric Blower
  • Goal Boxes with Built-In Slide Scorer

The Harvil Tabletop Air Hockey Table is a lightweight and affordable way to introduce the fun of air hockey to children. This air hockey table comes complete with an electronic blower that moves the puck on a pocket of air-- just like the full size tables! The Harvil hockey table is made with high quality wood for enhanced durability while the non-marking pads protect tables and furniture. With a classic look, convenient size, and real air hockey action, the Harvil Tabletop Air Hockey Table turns any child's bedroom into their own personal game room!

Tumbling Mat

Every child needs a padded Tumbling Mat. It can be unfolded to allow rambunctious play inside. It fosters motor skills. It keeps kids busy in physical play, so they sleep better. Babies can use it to learn to crawl and walk, toddlers, preschoolers and older to roughhouse and practice tumbling and gymnastics.

This giant, colorful tumbling mat is safe for indoor or outdoor exercise and play. Open, it measures 46" wide x 72" long. When not in use, it folds to 46" x 24" and has handles for easy carrying.

Waldorf Flower Fairy Doll

Little girls and fairies are made for each other.

  • Charming Evi Dolls Waldorf Soft Fairy Doll measures approx. 6 in.
  • Made of natural materials: cotton fabrics, wool stuffing, wool felt flower petal collar and wool hair
  • Flexible body allows the fairy doll to be posed to flit among the flowers.
  • Beautiful wool braids with embroidered flower garland.
  • Made in Brazil. Ages 3 and up.



Today I say thank you, tears streaming from my face, so proud of my little boy and all he will become. Thank you. - Jennifer B.


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