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Recommended Gifts - Tweens

Table Top Air Hockey Game

The challenge with preteens is that they stop playing pretend games, and get glued to their screens. When friends come over, they start giggling over youtube videos instead of playing physical games or even board games. But everyone loves air hockey. It's exciting, fun, and cool enough to get preteens of both genders engaged.

NinjaLine Intro Kit

Encourage your kids to be physically active while having a great time!

Indoor Scooter Board

Work on balance and coordination while having fun with this scooter board for kids! Children will have fun building motor skills inside and out. Safe to use inside on a rainy day or outside on pavement. 

Indoor Swing & Ring Combo

This swing and ring combo generates tons of indoor fun for kids and lets them be physically active anytime or all the time! 

Spark Family Game: The Magic of Storytelling

This is a great imaginative family game that will have everyone talking and laughing together. 

That Shakespeare Kid by Michael LoMonico

This book makes reading Shakespeare easy and fun!

Jewelry Making Kit

Your child will love practicing their creativity by designing and making their own jewelry with this kit. 

Empower Poster Craft Kit

One of the developmental tasks of a Preteen is to come to acknowledge, accept and appreciate who they are as a unique person. This is a lovely creative project to help preteens with that process and give their self-esteem a boost at the same time.

Forbidden Desert Board Game

This fun game encourages your child to play as a team and strategize. Great for building problem solving and critical thinking skills! 

Forbidden Island Board Game

This is a fun cooperative game that encourages your child to use strategic thinking and problem solving skills. 

Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

A fun and functional gift for gradeschoolers up through early teens, this silly sharpener makes a great stocking stuffer!

Glow In The Dark Wonder Stars

If you had stars on your ceiling as a child, you'll know how terrific these are. If you didn't, wait until you lie with your child in her dark room looking at her glowing ceiling! Relaxing as kids fall asleep. Even teenagers love them.

Hand Held Scalp Massager

This massager is a great way for your tween and teens to unwind and relieve tension.

Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms

This journal is a lovely way for moms and daughters to connect. The prompts cover a large variety of topics and there's a lot of free space to encourage creativity and discussion about whatever topics you find important. 

Little Paper Planes

This book is such a fun collection of constructible paper airplanes that your child will enjoy building then flying.

Make Your Own Music Box

The Music Box hole punch is a lovely gift for tweens and teens that encourages their creativity while they create their own melody.

Ooze Tube

The ooze tube is a great calming tool for all ages of children (and adults too!). 

Our Last Best Shot

Our Last Best Shot shares the personal stories of twelve girls and boys from across America and helps provide insight for parents trying to raise well-adjusted children in this difficult age. 

Mysterium Park Board Game

This is a family-fun cooperative board game teens and parents will both enjoy playing together. 

    Mother and Son Letter Book

    This letter book is a wonderful way for mothers and sons to bond. The prompts are interesting and fun and encourage communicate between moms and their sons. 

    Between Dad and Me: A Father and Son Keepsake Journal

    If you're looking for a good way to build your father-son relationship, this journal is a wonderful way to engage both while responding to a variety of interactive prompts.

    Totem: the Feel-Good Game

    This conversation card game that encourages kids to see themselves from a growth mindset. It's a wonderful way to encourage self-esteem and the sibling bond.

    The Floor is Lava - Interactive Game for Kids and Adults

    This is such a fun game that gets the whole family moving! 

    Grateful Together: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Their Parents

    This journal is a beautiful way to inspire parents and children to communicate and share their gratitude. 

    Our Sharing Journal: Journal Notebook for Kids and Parents

    Both parents and kids can enjoy this simple and fun journal while connecting with each other.

    Sensory Swing

    This sensory swing can be installed indoors or outdoors and gives kids of all ages a safe place to self regulate.