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Connecting with Your Child

As our children grow, how do we maintain a strong connection throughout all the developmental stages and phases, while setting the necessary limits?


5 year old Aggressive Tantrums

Aggression in children is linked to feeling afraid and kids often attack when they feel disconnected. Here's how to bring peace into these aggressive outbursts.


6 Year Old Obsessed with Sex, Potty Talk

Curiosity is normal. Preoccupation is normal. But obsession over several years, to the point where the teacher is concerned, is concerning. Here's how to address it.


7 year old clingy, can't play alone, becoming disrespectful

Mom needs to meet her 7 year old's need for emotional connection on a daily basis, while also finding ways to encourage her to play without her.


8 Month old Baby Screams when Mom leaves Daycare

Babies need time to attach to caregivers, to transform them from strangers to someone they trust with their lives. Gradually, he will adapt, as will you.


8 Year Old Tantrums - is this normal?

No, it's not "normal" to tantrum over slight provocations at age eight. It's a red flag that your daughter needs your help to learn to regulate her emotions.


9 month old with separation anxiety needs to be held constantly

Nine to 12 months can be the worst phase of separation anxiety for babies. Here's how to help them develop trust in the world, and learn how to self-soothe.


5 Year Old Lacking Social Skills

Worried about your child's social skills and peer relationships? There's a lot you can do to help your child develop social intelligence -- and make friends!


Angry & Rejecting: Attachment Disorder or Sensory Integration Issues?

A toddler who physically rejects his Mother could be related to sensory integration issues, OR could be a disrupted attachment. Here's how to handle both.


But does this peaceful parenting approach work with a special needs child, such as ASD and sensory issues?

Peaceful parenting (regulating your own emotions, connecting and coaching) not only works with special needs kids, but is even MORE important for them.