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Raising a Happy Family

What does it take to create a happy family, when modern life threatens to overwhelm us? Here are some secrets that you can easily put to use in your own...


Dinner: 30 Minutes to a More Connected Family

Dinner is the best predictor of how kids will do in adolescence because families who eat together talk more, which helps them stay connected and build better relationships.


Divorce: How to Protect Your Child

Research shows kids can cope with a divorce and come out ok. But often they don't. Here's why, and what you can do to protect your child.


Family Culture: Shared Identity and Belonging

How do you hold a family together? Much of the answer has to do with the family culture you create, which can take your family life from good to great....


Getting Your Child Out the Door In the Morning

This used to be a stressful time of day when I would yell at them, they would not cooperate, and I'd get angry and stressed out. What a difference connection...


How to Use Family Meetings to Build a Closer Family

Does the idea of Family Meetings seem stilted and artificial to you? Here's why you should give them a chance.


Moving? 10 Tips To Help Your Child Adjust

A little prevention goes a long way to help your child adjust to a big move. Everything you've taken for granted has to be re-invented.


Sanctuary: Making your Home a Haven

Giving your children a sanctuary is an enormous gift. It allows them to go out and do battle in the world, and return home to recharge.


Surviving Arsenic Hour

Kids have meltdowns at the end of the day when they're hungry and tired -- but also because they feel disconnected. Stave off meltdowns and set a pleasant tone for...


Why Kids Need Routines

Children handle change best if it is expected and occurs in the context of a familiar routine. A routine allows children to feel safe and develop a sense of mastery...